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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
Dyslexia (4)

How to Manage Classroom Stress in Students with Learning Disorders

Advocate for Students with Learning Disabilities By Taking These Proactive Steps Towards Managing Classroom Stress

Reading Help for Dyslexia

Activities and Tips to Help Dyslexic Children Improve Reading Skills

Study: Can Dyslexia Be Detected Before a Child Learns to Read?

New dyslexia research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology indicates that dyslexia may be detected through brain imaging, even before a child […]

Study: Dyslexia is a Disconnection Syndrome

New research from the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium supports Brain Balance's long-held assertion that the root cause of dyslexia is a […]

Are Reading Problems Being Over-Diagnosed as Dyslexia?

Are your child's reading problems caused by dyslexia or a processing disorder? A new book titled The Dyslexia Debate by Julian Elliott, professor of […]

Multiple Brain Areas Work Together To Make Reading Possible

A recent study that included a combination of brain scans and reading tests showed multiple brain areas must work together to make reading possible. […]

E-Readers and Musical Training May Help Those With Dyslexia

A recent study published in the online peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE discusses the benefits of e-readers for people with dyslexia. At […]

Signs and Symptoms of Dyslexia

If you child is having trouble reading or has been diagnosed with Dyslexia, school can be a heartbreaking daily struggle.