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E-Readers and Musical Training May Help Those With Dyslexia

A recent study published in the online peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE discusses the benefits of e-readers for people with dyslexia. At least one third of people with dyslexia suffer with visual attention deficit and can be overwhelmed by small lines of text (1). The shorter lines of text easily available through E-readers can eliminate visual over-stimulation for many people with dyslexia ultimately leading to better comprehension and speed. Click here to review full study results, and watch below as Dr. Robert Melillo, creator of The Brain Balance Program®, discusses e-readers for reading difficulties and methods for improving the root cause of dyslexia on Fox News.

A recent study conducted at Northwestern University provides evidence that people who perform better on rhythmic tests also have enhanced neural responses to speech sounds. Conversely, kids with reading problems who participated in the study consistently had trouble keeping time with music. At Brain Balance, our program directly addresses each child's specific  rhythm and motor skills, leading to new and better neural connections. Since the left hemisphere of the brain controls learning and processing information, a person with decreased left-brain activity may have difficulty with reading and writing, processing speech and language sounds, and coordinating motor movements. Our individually customized sensory motor and cognitive activities improve left-brain connectivity leading to increased processing and learning skills. The bottom line? Symptoms of dyslexia decrease as rhythm, motor skills, and visual processing improve.

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Source: (1) E-Readers Benefit Some Dyslexics, September 20, 2013, https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/266346.php 

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