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Behavior Issues (3)

Why Some Children Only Act Out at Home

A lot of parents notice that their kids seem to have the majority of their tantrums at home. It's incredibly frustrating, but it's also an indication […]

How to Design a Behavior Chart that Works

Behavior charts are one of the fastest and easiest behavior modification tools available today. Most children love the immediate feedback these […]

Managing a Child's Behavior While Shopping in Holiday Crowds

How to Manage School Refusal Behavior

So your child has figured out the secret that all parents try to keep to themselves: adults can't really make him do much of anything. If he doesn't […]

Stop Misbehavior: A Parent's Guide to Handling School Phone Calls with Confidence

There is nothing more frustrating than a mid-afternoon phone call from a school administrator telling you your child is in their office. Whether your […]

Avoid Back-to-School Boredom: 3 Tips for ADHD Students When School Behavior is Affected

For some families, the start of a new school year is incredibly stressful. Students with ADHD struggle to sit still and focus on tasks, and because […]

Oppositional Defiance and Violent Video Games: Just Say No!

Many kids start to push back against their parents as they develop a sense of independence, but for some kids excessive defiance signals major […]

Managing Your Child’s Challenging and Aggressive Behaviors When New Baby Arrives

A new baby in the family is always cause for joy, excitement and celebration. Of course, for the older siblings, it can also be a cause of added […]

Ways to Support a Friend Whose Child Has Sensory Issues

When you have a child with sensory processing disorder, parenting can come with difficulties. The responsibilities of caring for a child who has […]