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Stressed About School? Relax with These Tips



The first day of school is exciting - and stressful. There are so many "what if's?" Like, what if my best friend isn't in the same class or what if I don't have anyone to sit with at lunch or a million other scenarios your child can think up.

While feeling some stress and anxiety about going back-to-school is normal, for children with social issues it can be harder to regulate these reactions to the point where going to school becomes a real struggle. For kids who struggle with academic issues, the thought of another grueling school year can cause tremendous amounts of stress.

If this sounds like your child, read on to learn some tips for students who struggle with these issues and how they can reduce their back-to-school stress.

Your Elementary School Student

To lessen your child's anxiety about going back-to-school, it's important to prepare your child. For example, go over the daily schedule so your child knows what to expect, listen to your child's feelings about the first day, and let them know that what they feel is normal and everyone else is feeling it too.

Also, take a trip to the school to visit the child's new classroom and even her new teacher. Establishing and sticking with a bedtime routine will also help your child better adjust to the new school year.

Your Middle School Student

One of the most simple, yet stressful things students encounter in middle school is the combination lock to their locker. Make it a point to get one and practice during the summer. Fumbling with a lock when they need to be in class will just create more stress. At this age, kids are concerned about appearance. To ease their anxiety, help them pick out what's "in" and what they feel most comfortable wearing, especially everyday items such as coats and shoes.

Encourage your child to be social the first week of school. Offer to drive her and her friends to the movies or another place they like to hang out. The more social your child is at the beginning of the year, the better chance of them remaining social throughout the year.

Your High School Student

If the school has a summer orientation, be sure to sign up and go. Getting back into the school environment will lessen your child's anxiety and replace it with excitement. If your child is a freshman, see if you can arrange a tour for your child and a few of her friends. This will also help ease tensions. Teenagers need lots of sleep. Be sure your child gets enough sleep every night by helping them stay on a sleep schedule. It's always best to begin this schedule before school starts so they are refreshed and ready on the very first day.

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