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Brain Balance Blog:

Signs and Symptoms of Conduct Disorder

Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

Is there a gut-brain connection? As the rate of kids diagnosed with neuro-developmental disorders continues to increase, medical professionals and […]

ADHD Awareness Month: Your Comprehensive Guide To ADHD

October is ADHD Awareness Month! Brain Balance Achievement Centers is proud to share our comprehensive ADHD Guide to promote awareness and […]

Five Non-Traditional Sports for a Child with Social Issues

Every child needs exercise, but every parent knows that scheduling the recommended 60 minutes of moderate physical activity each day isn't easy. The […]

At-Home Playground Ideas to Enhance Childhood Development

Adaptive play can give better childhood development results for children who struggle with conditions like ADHD, or sensory processing disorder and […]

Top 10 Children's Books for Kids with ADHD, Learning Differences and Sensory Processing Disorder

The following books offer information and support to kids who struggle with ADHD, learning differences and sensory issues. These are great gift […]

Kids and Speech Delay: How Much Is Normal?

If your child is not making any effort to talk or communicate with you, it’s normal to be worried. Here’s what all parents should know about kids and […]

Music as Motivator, Communicator and Teacher

For some students with learning challenges, music-based interventions might help them progress in educational areas where conventional teaching […]

Effective Prompts for ADHD

Children with ADHD can be forgetful, impulsive and prone to distractions. Some seem dreamy and lost, while others are impatient, chatty and squirmy. […]