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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:

Signs that Anxiety is Causing Defiant Behavior

Anxiety is often mistaken as shyness. When a child is shy, however, they don't tend to show many, if any, defiant behavior. After all, some kids tend […]

Could My Child's Diet Be Causing Anxious Behavior?

  Childhood anxiety is on-the-rise, and for those impacted, a healthy, balanced diet is critical. Within the United States, approximately 7.1 percent […]

Are My Child’s Sleep Issues Related to School Anxiety?


Signs and Symptoms of Social Anxiety

  Human connections play a vital role in both physical and mental health, making persistent anxiety relating to social interaction a barrier to […]

Five Tips for Helping Your Child Get Out of Their School Comfort Zone

    As parents, we all face unique challenges when it comes to raising our children. One of the more distinct ones comes when a child falls into a […]

How to Overcome After-School Activity Anxiety

    Living with anxiety makes social and academic situations challenging. Sometimes this can stop children from getting wellness benefits out of […]

Homework Anxiety Explained

Sometimes kids dread homework because they'd rather be outside playing when they're not at school. But, sometimes a child's resistance to homework is […]

How to Overcome Common School Bus Fears in Anxious Students

  Riding the bus could be the worst part of your student's school day. Trapped with older kids on a crowded bus, some students may experience […]

Stressed About School? Relax with These Tips

  The first day of school is exciting - and stressful. There are so many "what if's?" Like, what if my best friend isn't in the same class or what if […]