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Brain Balance Achievement Centers Parent Blog:
Dr. Robert Melillo

Signs That Your Child’s Brain is Out of Balance and How to Fix It

Watch Marin TV's Ingenious baby where our co-founder Dr. Robert Melillo discusses the signs that indicate your child could have a brain imbalance and […]

Dr. Robert Melillo on Fox25 Oklahoma City

Dr. Robert Melillo and Tammy Bingham to Speak at Mom Conference

Rote Memorization and Critical Thinking

Does rote learning compromise or assist a student's ability to think through problems?

How Prenatal Diet Affects Your Child's Development

Learn More About How Prenatal Nutrition Can Impact Childhood Development

Avoid Bullies with These 6 Tips for Kids with ADHD

Social skills training and self-awareness can help kids avoid bullies. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, so helping your child avoid […]

3 Activities to Promote Empathy and Stop Bullying

It's no secret that kids with learning and behavioral disorders like ADHD, dyslexia, and Asperger Syndrome are often easy targets for bullies. In an […]

ADHD and Autism Update: How Does Diet Affect Behavior?

How does diet affect behavior? Dr. Robert Melillo, creator of The Brain Balance Program, recently spoke about this subject with eNannySource.com, an […]

Back To School Update: Motivating Your ADHD Child

Our last post in Brain Balance's "Back To School Update" series discussed setting hard and fast rules to help your ADHD child stay focused on their […]