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Summer Vacation Survival Tips

Watch our webinar on-demand: Summer Vacation Tips for Children Who Struggle

Presented by Rebecca Jackson, Vice President of Outcomes and Programs & Holly Larson, Registered Dietitian for Brain Balance. 

Going on vacation should be an exciting and relaxing time. For families with children that struggle with social challenges, attention/focus difficulties, meltdowns or sensory issues, planning a successful summer getaway can be difficult. Listen to learn more about:

  • Why vacations can be difficult for children who struggle from a brain development perspective
  • How to prepare and structure your vacation for optimal success 
  • Why good nutrition matters for children that struggle
  • Easy tips for making heathy food choices while traveling

Rebecca Jackson, Vice President of Programs and Outcomes Holly Larson, Registered Dietician


Learn more about the Brain Balance Program: Watch how Brain Balance can uncover your child's full potential.

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