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Join Us Live: Thursday, June 6th, 2024 @ 10 AM PT | 12 PM CT | 1 PM ET

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Teach Kids Daily Calming Habits This Summer

Use the summer months to nurture mindfulness and emotional regulation skills in kids of all ages. 

A conversation with Beth Snow MacMullan, M.S. Ed., Founder of Breathe Learn Connect Services, LLC. Executive Functioning Coach, Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher, and Professor. 

Thursday, June 6th, 2024
10 am PT | 12 pm CT | 1 pm ET 

Join us for a live conversation between Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Chief Programs Officer for Brain Balance Centers, and Beth Snow MacMullan, M.S. Ed., Founder of Breathe Learn Connect Services, LLC. As an Executive Functioning Coach, Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher, Professor, and Neurodiversity Specialist, Beth brings a wealth of expertise in fostering mindfulness and emotional regulation in children of all ages.

Beth has developed trusted multi-sensory methods and techniques to help students find ease, efficiency, and emotional balance. From simple breathing exercises to daily mindfulness moments, her approach is engaging, enjoyable, and practical for everyday life.

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Discover essential habits for your child to cultivate this summer, promoting mindfulness and incorporating breathing techniques into daily routines. Learn how to activate the parasympathetic nervous system for calmness, prevent escalations, and integrate mindful practices into your family's summer activities.

Gain insights into structuring a mindful summer for improved focus, emotional awareness, and positive communication. Explore specific activities for calm-down time, creating calm spaces, and empowering children in a nurturing environment.

Join us as we uncover the secrets to nurturing mindfulness, emotional regulation, and self-awareness in children this summer. Let's embark on a journey of presence, peace, and growth together!

What You'll Learn

  • 1Learn practical techniques to incorporate mindfulness and breathing exercises into daily routines, fostering emotional balance and connection.
  • 2Discover strategies for activating the parasympathetic nervous system to promote calmness and avoid escalations during challenging moments.
  • 3Explore the benefits of creating a structured and mindful summer, including improved focus, emotional awareness, and healthy communication within the family.
  • 4Gain insights into empowering children with tools for self-regulation, setting up calm-down spaces, and nurturing a safe and nurturing environment for growth.

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Dr. Rebecca Jackson

Chief Programs Officer, Brain Balance, author of the new book “Back on Track: A Practical Guide to Help Kids of All Ages Thrive"

Dr. Rebecca Jackson comes to the role of Chief Programs Officer as an industry authority on the topics of development, cognition, and brain health. She holds a board certification as a cognitive specialist and has published peer-reviewed research on attention, emotional well-being, cognition, and development. Dr. Jackson is the author of the new book “Back on Track: A Practical Guide to Help Kids of All Ages Thrive.” She has been interviewed on the Doctors Show, NBC Nightly News, and news outlets nationwide and has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Forbes, and Business Insider. She has over 15 years of experience at Brain Balance working with both kids and adults. Her depth of knowledge and passion comes from a strong foundation of education, research, and years of experience in driving change in the brain that translates to improvements throughout life. Dr. Jackson has published research on the topics of improving cognition, development, and well-being, and is a frequent media expert guest. Prior to joining the Brain Balance corporate team, Dr. Jackson served as the Executive Director of three Brain Balance centers, personally overseeing more than 1,000 students' progress through the Brain Balance program. Dr. Jackson graduated from Life University as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2001 and holds additional certifications as a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist and as a MindSet Safety Management Behavioral Trainer. She is passionate about creating and delivering programs that increase awareness, understanding, and change in the lives of kids and adults seeking to improve their lives.
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Beth Snow MacMullan, M.S. Ed.


Beth's journey in education, coupled with her passion for understanding and supporting individuals facing challenges, has led her to establish Breathe Learn Connect Services, LLC. Her focus on Executive Functioning support for differently-abled individuals showcases her commitment to enhancing their understanding of how their brains work as well as providing practical strategies thereby facilitating better performance in various aspects of life. You can read more about Breathe, Learn, Connect's Services at breathelearnconnect.com. Moreover, Beth's incorporation of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation into her practice reflects her holistic approach to education and well-being. By leveraging her expertise in both education and mindfulness techniques, she offers a comprehensive set of tools to promote ease and efficiency in daily life.Beth's dedication to education extends beyond her private practice; she shares her knowledge and experience by teaching graduate-level courses on Mind Brain and Teaching at renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins University and Notre Dame University of Maryland. This dual role as educator and practitioner underscores her deep commitment to advancing both theory and practice in the field of education.Teaming up with her partner Chris to open Brain Balance centers in the Greater Baltimore area demonstrates her desire to broaden the reach of her impact. By combining their complementary expertise in education and business, they aim to create transformative experiences for individuals facing cognitive challenges, fostering connection and enabling breakthroughs through improved brain health and wellness. Beth's multifaceted approach to education and well-being, rooted in both academic rigor and practical application, positions her as a dynamic force in the field, dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages to thrive in school, life, and relationships.