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A Parent's Guide to Problem-Solving School Behavior Struggles

The following webinar was hosted by ADDitude Magazine and sponsored by Brain Balance.

You get a phone call from the school that your child is having behavior issues in the classroom. Now what? Interfering school behavior problems create academic, social, and emotional gaps in a learner’s progress. If left unaddressed, behavior struggles can lead to social isolation, a loss of instructional time, decreased self-esteem and academic under-achievement.

However, parents and educators should know that positive behavior change is possible through proactive collaboration, planning, and monitoring. This webinar will walk parents through steps to take from the very first phone call about their child’s behaviors to the implementation of individualized strategies. Rather than rush to find a solution or rely on others to solve the problem, parents can take the lead in gathering information, developing strategies, and leading the school team toward more effective action.

In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Communicate and collaborate with the school
  • Structure questions to gain relevant information from the school team
  • Identify and describe four areas to consider for interventions
  • Structure and monitor a behavior action plan
  • Identify the need for further assessment and formalized plans (and how to get those in place)
  • Gain comfort and confidence in leading your child’s behavior program

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