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Top Tips for a Successful Summer for Kids Who Struggle

Listen to Rebecca Jackson, our Vice President of Outcomes and Programs, as she shares with you top tips for setting your child up for success this summer.

Watch our webinar on-demand to learn how to set up your child's summer days for optimal brain development for children who struggle!

Learn how to help your child have a summer experience that will lead to a positive start to the new school year.

The summer months are the time when most parents begin thinking about how to transition from school to summer and back to school successfully. This can be a stressful time if your child struggles in school.

Rebecca Jackson Photo

Presented by:  Rebecca Jackson
Vice President of Programs and Outcomes

Set your child up for success this summer by listening to our Vice President of Programs and Outcomes, Rebecca Jackson as she discusses:

  • Why the summer is hard for children that struggle
  • What parents can do to ease the transition into summer
  • Top tips for a successful summer and a positive transition into the new school year


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