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Our Stories

There is nothing more important than hearing what a parent has to say about Brain Balance from their perspective. The testimonials that follow are all real stories and results that parents have seen in their children after completing the Brain Balance Program.

Your Child Can Improve. See What Other Parents Say.

Parents surveyed before and after their child completed 5-6 months of the Brain Balance Program reported an average of 40-60% improvement in their children in the following categories:


Brain Balance helps kids with many different issues.
Find a story from topics such as:

  • Focus & Attention
  • Anxiety, Behavior & Mood
  • Socialization & Relationship
  • Impulsivity & Hyperactivity
  • Sensory Processing
  • Learning & Academics
  • Motivation & Organization

Brody, 13

The biggest thing is that it’s the answer to what’s actually going on with your child. It’s the best decision we ever made.

  • Behavioral Disorders

Lola, 10

Before Brain Balance, I felt like I was yelling all the time, you know, “Get ready for school,” “Eat your breakfast,” you know, “Brush your teeth.” I just felt like I was yelling all the time. I don’t feel like that anymore. I’m able to give her direction, and she’s following it. We’re working together much better as a team.

  • ADHD

Aiden, 8

It’s a completely different life. He is back to not only being a little boy that’s not longer afflicted with a neurological disorder, but he’s also surpassed that. He’s just growing every day by leaps and bounds, it’s amazing.

  • Tourette's Ticks
  • ADHD
  • Behavioral Disorders

Brianna, 12

Honestly, every penny has been worth it because of the change in her. My daughter is reading independently. In this time period that we’ve been here, she’s jumped up multiple grade levels in reading. Her math is stronger. There’s just confidence now.

  • Dyslexia

Ella, 8

In June we have a little girl, and in September after a summer in Brain Balance, it’s like we had the best parts of her delivered back to us and someone took away the unexplainable.

  • Dyslexia

Ethan, 12

Brain Balance, they really make it a point to really emphasize the positives. They realize that there’s a whole human being in there that’s struggling to get out, and they treat them like a whole human being.

  • Dyslexia

Jordan, 12

After the program started and after we were able to sit the kids down and really explain to them exactly how Jordan’s mind actually works, and then as he also went through the program and learned and realized how his mind actually works for himself, it was able to definitely bring them together and be able to communicate.

  • Behavioral issues

Lincoln, 6

I don’t know what the end is going to be like because I haven’t gotten there yet. All I know that what we’ve done so far in Brain Balance has been worth every single penny and we are only two months in.

  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Anxiety

Luke, 9

What was awesome is we felt that support from Brain Balance. If I ever had a question or, “Hey, I can’t do this. Can you get me a modification,” somebody was always there to answer my question which was awesome. It didn’t take them a week. It didn’t take them two days. They were usually really on top of it.

  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Autism

Shannon, 10

I feel like Brain Balance has the ability to really hone in on the deeper issues of the child and correct the imbalance, rather than just put a band-aid or a brace or whatever you want to call it one making it more doable. I see so many amazing things that come with Brain Balance.

  • Dyslexia
  • visual processing

Sofia, 15

Anybody and everybody who wants to listen, I’m going to tell you about Brain Balance, because it works. It works.

  • sensory integration disorder
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