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She no longer has to move constantly. She can focus more in class. She is a leader in class.

Before Brain Balance, we just thought she was a very energetic child. She was constantly moving around. She couldn’t ever sit still. She’s always been very social, though, and has always had friends. She did okay in school. She always got B’s and a few A’s, from kindergarten to third grade. In the fourth grade, she really started to go downhill a bit, her grades, anyway and was due to a few things. She really just could never sit still, and she would get up in your face and demand your attention. Always a sweet kid and always smart, but didn’t always make the best decisions. She was a little impulsive, and she liked to shout out and things like that. Doing homework at home was really horrible. We couldn’t ever get her to do it. I couldn’t get her to do it. She didn’t do it willingly. She would complain the whole time.

I saw Brain Balance on television. I saw the commercials, and thought, “Well, maybe this is the solution. Maybe this is something I have to investigate,” so I did. That’s what brought me through the doors. I did some research online, I read a lot of testimonials, and I talked to a parent before I got to the program. I thought, “This is definitely something worth pursuing for Lola.”

Before Brain Balance, I felt like I was yelling all the time, you know, “Get ready for school,” “Eat your breakfast,” you know, “Brush your teeth.” I just felt like I was yelling all the time. I don’t feel like that anymore. I’m able to give her direction, and she’s following it. We’re working together much better as a team. She can help around the house. She’s taking on chores of her own. That’s pretty amazing. She now has the self-control to stay quiet, to understand the differences of when it’s okay to be social in class, and when it’s not. I think she’s got a hold of all of that a lot better, but she really, I think, is more aware that she can be more of an observer rather than constantly asking on impulse. She’s noticed a difference, and she enjoys reading now. She’s telling me about her book, which is something that’s brand new this year, telling me about what she’s reading about, sharing the stories that she’s digesting. That’s all-new for her, and that’s really special, and I love hearing about what she’s reading and that she’s enjoying the story. She enjoys learning. It’s not all completely boring to her. She’s noticing a huge difference in that regard. She actually is enjoying books, and she’s enjoying keeping her attention on one thing for an extended period of time.

Because I’m feeling the rewards and the benefits of Brain Balance and my daughter is, it’s so worth the investment of your time, and your money, and just you’re investing in your child’s future when you put them in the program, because they deserve to have the tools to be successful in their life, and that was the reason why I put Lola in the program. I would highly recommend this program to parents who are experiencing these challenges that we were because it’s just worth it to give your child the tools to build on their future. You have to give them everything that you can, and so I’m really happy that I invested in Brain Balance, and we’re off on a really great start for the rest of her life.

Brain Balance students progress an average of 2.6 levels in 3 months for sensory motor exercises. On average, customers surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10 point scale.