Academic Activities

The academic component of Brain Balance focuses on a differentiated and supplemental approach to teaching by changing how the brain takes in and integrates information.  Targeting specific areas of the brain stimulates growth and development, which impacts key cognitive functions. This approach lays the groundwork to help students maximize their academic success.  The Brain Balance program works to enhance listening, comprehension and retention, raising the bar on what is possible for our students academically.

We use the highest standard of academic subject material as a stimulus for the development and subsequent function of the brain. This important aspect of the Brain Balance Program focuses on more efficient information processing and learning.

Through the Brain Balance Program, we work with your child to address academic achievement in the following areas:

      • Literacy curriculum includes the following:
        • Foundational reading components
        • Details, sequencing
        • Main idea, inferencing
        • Social, emotional themed curriculum
      •   Listening curriculum to enhance literacy and ALL learning:
        • Critical listening
        • Memory
        • Inferencing

Our program considers your whole child. We encourage you to reach out to your local Center and chat with one of our Directors or take a tour!

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