Academic Activities

Our academic skill training focuses on a brain-based approach to education and learning that goes beyond the traditional teaching or tutoring techniques. At Brain Balance, we target specific deficient academic skills and subject areas in an effort to not only improve skills but, more importantly, stimulate growth and development in the part of the brain that controls those skills. In this way, we are not just compensating for a deficit, we are addressing the problem head on to help children get back on track academically.

Academic strengths and weaknesses are different in every child. Using standardized academic testing to assess your child’s academic achievement in 120 different areas, we can identify if your child is developing at a healthy pace. Then we tailor the program to address your child’s specific deficits.

We use the highest standard of academic subject material as stimulus for the development and subsequent function of the brain. This important aspect of the Brain Balance Program focuses on more efficient information processing and learning.

Through the Brain Balance Program, we work with your child to address academic achievement in the following areas:

    • Word reading
    • Reading comprehension
    • Pseudo-decoding
    • Math reasoning
    • Numerical operations
    • Listening comprehension
    • Oral expression
    • Spelling
    • Written Expression

Our program considers your whole child. We encourage you to reach out to your local Center and chat with one of our Directors or take a tour!

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