Program Overview

Brain Balance establishes a unique plan for each child that includes sensory motor work, eye tracking, core exercises, academic engagement, healthy nutrition, confidence building and many other activities that work to bolster a child’s developmental deficits. What is unique is that Brain Balance brings all these activities together in one program, including monitoring and reporting on a child’s progress.

It is a coordinated and systematic approach that is hard, if not impossible to find elsewhere. Many tell us that it’s the first time they have had a comprehensive, integrated plan that is set in place, tracked and reviewed for their child.

Continuous Support For You and Your Child

Brain Balance is here to support you and your child every step of the way. Your local Center is always available to help and you should never hesitate to contact the Center with questions or concerns. We not only want to hear from you, we also want to keep you apprised of how your child is doing over the course of the program.

We Keep You Informed and Provide Complete Guidance

Parent conferences occur every 12 sessions after you complete the program and one-year post assessment. Once your child’s plan is set, there are conferences along the way to continuously monitor and report back on progress.

Our Program Guide will provide you with information on every aspect of the program. Exercise videos and musical compositions are all easily accessible and downloadable from the Program Guide site.

Balance 360, our clean eating nutrition system, is also available in your Program Guide. You’ll find meal planning, tracking and reporting forms, grocery shopping tools, suggested recipes, much more.

The Brain Balance Online Community

The Brain Balance Facebook community is a wonderful place to engage in a dialogue with other parents who, like you, will have some great days and some challenging days. This is a place to share your thoughts, get some new recipes and maybe some occasional help with issues or situations that parents like you have been faced with.

You’ll even have access to a Registered Dietitian who provides helpful suggestions, tools and programs you can follow. Whether it’s “How to get your child to eat more vegetables” or “What do I do for my child’s packed lunches?” – help is always there for you.

Many parents have expressed how beneficial just meeting other parents in our Centers is for them. They tell us that having other people to talk to is not only comforting, but there have been lasting friendships created between parents, as well as between children. This is what our community is all about.

Parents Tell Us Brain Balance Works!

The Brain Balance Program works to get kids back on a healthy developmental schedule. We begin with a Personalized Assessment that evaluates hundreds of functions and provides a profile of your child. We then create a tailored plan for your child that addresses these deficits, with a regimen that works to overcome them. It’s a whole child approach that works as reported by the parents of children who have successfully completed the Brain Balance Program.

See first hand what other parents are saying

Brain Balance creates a roadmap that addresses your child’s unique challenges, then monitors all of these activities as part of our integrated program. At Brain Balance, we know that no two children are the same, so we tailor each program to your child’s specific needs. Our program focuses on the whole child including sensory-motor exercises, confidence building, academic skill training, and easy-to-follow dietary guidelines. The frequency and duration of different activities will vary based upon your child’s particular needs.

Key Components:

Integrated approach
Personalized Brain Balance Assessment
Academic activities
Balance 360 Clean Eating Nutrition System
The In-Center Team
Confidence Building

We’ve helped over 30,000 kids who struggle to get back in sync. It can work for you, too.

We succeed when your child succeeds.* (Data as of March 2018) We rank 4.6 out of 5 across Google and Facebook reviews. 80% of customers said they were very likely or extremely likely to recommend Brain Balance to a friend or family member.

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