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Brain Balance identifies the issues, sets a resolution plan and gets your child back on track.

Brain Balance creates a holistic view of your child through an initial set of tests that identify areas that need attention and strengthening. From the results of that assessment, we create a plan focused on getting your child back on track.

Program Overview

Brain Balance provides a comprehensive, non-medical approach that combines physical and sensory exercises with academic skill training and healthy nutrition. Your child’s journey starts in our center, but continues at home with exercises and a Clean-Eating nutrition program. Parent conferences occur every 12 sessions, and a one-year post assessment is conducted after completion of the program. Why Things Happen Inside the BrainOnline tools will guide you through every aspect of the program and provide all the instruction you need for success. Our exercise videos and music are available for download and accessible anywhere, anytime on any device. It’s all provided for your convenience.


BBC Program Components

  • Sensory-Motor training
  • Academic skill training
  • At-home daily exercises
  • Clean-Eating nutrition system
  • Community and on-line support


In-depth assessment

In-depth assessment of your child enables us to personalize a program that meets your child’s needs. The assessment covers a large number of issues that we share and discuss with you.

1 hour 3x week

In-Center sessions consist of one hour, three times a week. Each hour consists of sensory motor training and academic skills.

3 to 6 Months

Number of sessions is determined by the results of your child’s assessment. Generally, programs are completed in approximately 3 to 6 months time in the Center, with some children needing more time to achieve their goals.


The activities at home are key to successful outcomes. We provide a bevy of tools for establishing a healthy environment. From exercise to a Clean-Eating nutrition program, to a positive atmosphere at home, you’ll have tools like a full program guide (in print and online) with all the direction you need. Our holistic approach will have your child and your entire family feeling great and performing at levels that will surprise you.


Performance reports are provided every 12 weeks and presented at parent conferences. The Center also reaches out to speak with your child’s classroom teacher. A follow-up performance review takes place approximately one year after completing the program.