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Brain Balance has a Plan for Kids who Struggle

Brain Balance is the leading drug-free training program designed to help kids improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance. The program goes above and beyond the more traditional, mainstream approaches you may have tried before to help your child get to the root of their challenges.

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Research Shows Brain Balance is Effective

Harvard University’s McLean Hospital completed a study which demonstrated that the Brain Balance Program is as effective as stimulant medication in alleviating ADHD symptoms among children. Cambridge Brain Sciences also collaborated with Brain Balance on a study the results of which show that children who completed three months of the Brain Balance Program displayed significant improvements in cognition, particularly in areas of memory, reasoning, verbal ability, and concentration.


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Help your child get ahead by improving focus, behavior, social skills, and learning.  The program is available onsite or online, at home. Join the 45,000 other Brain Balance families and help your child thrive in the new school year.



Click to schedule your own 30 minute discovery call with one of our staff!

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How it Works

Learn how Brain Balance's unique program uses physical, sensory, and cognitive activities to help your child see improvements.

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We have helped more than 40,000 kids get to the root of their struggles and achieve lasting improvements, including:

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Brain Balance does not require that a child has a medical diagnosis, nor do we clinically diagnose medical conditions. Our focus is on understanding the struggles these children experience and helping them develop and strengthen the connections to help reduce those struggles.

For those who do have a diagnosis,1 research has shown that the unique challenges your child is facing can be linked to weak connections across different regions of the brain.

Get a deeper view into why your child struggles

The Brain Balance assessment provides you with a deeper view of your child’s struggles. During the assessment, your child’s sensory, motor and cognitive development are evaluated. This assessment helps identify areas of development that need strengthening. The reasons why a child may excel in some areas but has trouble in others will become clearer. From the results, we create a plan that helps your child overcome their struggles.

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The Brain Balance Program®

When kids struggle with focus, behavior or sensory processing, it can be linked to weak connections across different regions in the brain. The good news is, we know that the brain can change in a way that may lead to improvements for your child or teen. The Brain Balance program exercises and activities are uniquely designed to help strengthen and build new connections by using a combination of physical, sensory, and cognitive activities. These new, efficient, and effective connections in the brain lead to improvements in our ability to complete cognitive tasks and in our executive functioning:


When these skills and functions improve, a child may feel improved confidence and be better equipped to engage and thrive in the world around them.

The Brain Balance program was recently part of a research study conducted by Harvard University’s McLean Hospital. The research study focused on the impact of aspects of the Brain Balance program, completed at home, on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).We are incredibly excited to share the preliminary findings of this ongoing research.

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About the Brain Balance Program®

The Brain Balance Program offers a comprehensive, drug-free option that goes beyond the more traditional, mainstream approaches you may have tried before to help your child get to the root of their challenges instead of masking them.

A Whole-Brain Approach
The program activates many regions of brain all at once through sensory engagement, physical development and academic learning activities.

Personalized to Your Child’s Challenges
The program is tailored to your child’s needs and development level.

1:1 Coaching & Support
Our coaches will personally guide you through the program, including evaluating progress and leveling up as your child advances.

1:1 Nutrition Sessions
A Registered Dietitian will help customize a healthy nutrition plan fit for your child's lifestyle and needs.

On-Demand Resources
You’ll have access to a Program Portal where you can view on-demand helper videos, nutrition content, and program resources.

Program Format

brain balance onsite program iconAt Your Local Brain Balance Center
Your child can work onsite with our coaches three times per week. 

A program specialist can help you learn more about the program options and understand how Brain Balance can help your child.

What Parents Say About Brain Balance

Meet the families who have seen life-changing results after completing the Brain Balance Program. The struggles they experienced in the past may be familiar to you. 


Brain Balance helps children of all ages. All children are different yet many of them have similar struggles. Regardless of how small or big the challenges may be, they can make life harder for the child and for the whole family.

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Our Executive Directors

Joanna Manning

Joanna and Tod Manning, parents of four school-age children, understand the joys and the struggles that accompany rearing children. As two of their children battled behavior and academic issues, they researched and sought multiple approaches to help their children succeed at home at school and on the playground. Their own quest to find a solution to their children’s struggles led them to Brain Balance Achievement Centers. Originally living in Wilmington, NC, the success their children achieved spurred them to relocate their family to Wake Forest, NC, so as to provide other families with the same success.

As a homeschooling mother, Joanna realizes that children who struggle to focus, learn, and to behave truly want to do well in school and at home. She loves talking to parents and instilling the hope within them that their own children can succeed when given the tools to do so.

Nate & April Taninecz

When their oldest of three children began to show symptoms associated with what would be diagnosed as high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety, they responded in many of the same ways that so many parents do. They put on a brave face and motivated themselves to do anything to help their child, but truthfully inside they felt broken, full of doubt with questions of “how” and “why” while blaming themselves and feeling alone.

Enter Brain Balance. Their hope was restored and along with it their son and their family. The desire to provide this same hope to other families feeling lost and afraid fueled a major shift in their professional and personal lives. After spending nearly 20 years helping to move a technology start-up from concept to a publicly-traded company, Nate chose to use the experience gained as a leader within professional services, product management, sales, and marketing to spread the word and deliver the power of the Brain Balance Program to others. April is a perfect complement to Nate, both in their 20 years of marriage and in her business acumen and experience. As a human resources professional, April is able to focus on creating a positive and fulfilling workplace, filled with compassionate, dynamic, and energized team members. Together, our amazing team ensures the highest quality experience for our kids and their families. The reason for hope is real and our team invites you to experience it with us

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