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The Balance 360 Clean-Eating Nutrition System

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Balance 360 Nutrition System LogoBrain Balance is proud to announce the introduction of our proprietary nutritional plan, the Balance 360 Nutrition System. The Brain Balance approach improves brain and body development by addressing your child’s physical, academic, and nutritional needs. The Balance 360 System is a wholesome program that supports our comprehensive approach to balancing the brain effectively and efficiently.

Based on our years of research and work with children struggling with learning challenges we know that the Balance 360 System makes a difference in helping your child’s brain and body function at their best. The Balance 360 System is a step-by-step approach designed to help parents customize a nutrition plan to fit a child’s lifestyle and needs. It is an eating lifestyle program that is frequently adopted by entire families.Brain Balance Nutrition Navigator

Our system includes explanation of key concepts and strategies that can be immediately put to use. You’ll learn how to adopt new ways of shopping and cooking as well as find hundreds of tasty nutritious recipes. There are fun activities to motivate your child and help you, as a parent, work through the process of changing the way you eat while on your path towards a consistently healthy lifestyle.

This nutrition system is a significant asset for kids, and for parents. Children respond much more quickly to the Brain Balance Program when parents take an active role. As part of Balance 360, there is also a growing social community where you can find tips and strategies that are shared by parents. The community will also provide parents with access to a Registered Dietician who can answer questions and help parents through any issues they may have at home. The Balance 360 Community is a wonderful place to connect with other parents and staff to exchange ideas and get recommendations.

A Special Nutrition System

Brain Balance Nutrition KitThis nutrition system is a proprietary program available only to parents and their families who are actively enrolled at a Brain Balance Achievement Center. Once you start the Brain Balance Program, you’ll receive a comprehensive Balance 360 Nutrition System package. In that package, you will receive a unique code that is your passkey to the Balance 360 web portal.  With that unique code, you will gain exclusive access to the nutrition portal’s additional resources, as well as access to the private social site where you can talk with other parents who are on the same journey with you.

Balance 360 – A Constructive Path For a Lifetime of Healthy Eating

Balance 360 Nutrition Clean Eating

Balance 360 Paves the Way For Adequate Brain Health

We know you are on the go as a parent. We’ve designed a system that busy parents can easily follow to manage your child’s nutrition and optimize a balanced brain. The Balance 360 System is specifically designed to help children become healthy eaters. It is not a weight loss program. It is a logical and structured system that puts nutrition on the right track. Balance 360 guides you through five distinct levels.

Balance 360 Nutrition Fresh StartEach level has an approximate time frame that it will take to complete. Based upon how your family adapts and how you adapt as well, the system is very flexible.

The Balance 360 System progressively removes foods that contain gluten, refined sugar, and dairy. These foods are known to react with the imbalanced brain, leading to food sensitivities and inflammation, causing negative behaviors, physical symptoms, and learning challenges. As the brain becomes balanced, the sensitivities and inflammatory responses go away. At that point, problematic foods can be reintroduced to see if they are better tolerated. Wholesome food options are provided to you during the entire Balance 360 journey. When it is all completed, your child may no longer suffer from food sensitivities that slowed them down, or caused behavioral issues. With Balance 360, health improves as does performance and behavior.

The stepped approach that is Balance 360 helps you move from unhealthy eating habits to extremely healthy eating habits. Eliminating processed foods for whole foods cleans both your mind and your body. As your child’s body changes, fresh food will taste better and their own mood and outlook will dramatically improve.

Making the choice to eat clean is a healthy option for everyone. Don’t be surprised if others take notice and an interest in what you are doing with your nutrition. It’s a life changing experience — one that you, your child and your entire family will never regret.

Balance 360 Nutrition Forks

To learn why our whole-child approach is the most effective way to help your child, contact us online or find a center near you.