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2015 Top 10 Popular Articles

As we enter into a new year, we'd like to thank all of you for your continued support of Brain Balance Achievement Centers. Thanks to the tremendous support of our community, we've achieved continued success of our mission to make the Brain Balance Program available to as many children as possible so that each child may reach their greatest physical, mental, social and academic potential!

Please enjoy our top 10 popular articles related to ADHDprocessing disorders and learning disorders for the year 2015. 

palmer-reflexRetained Primitive Reflexes as a Sign of Brain Imbalance

Retained primitive reflexes can lead to developmental delays related to disorders like ADHD, sensory processing disorder, autism, and learning disabilities.

Brain Balance ExercisesBrain Boot Camp: At Home Exercises that Promote Hemispheric Brain Balance

The following activities and exercises promote balance between the left & right hemispheres of the brain and encourage the weaker side to strengthen.

Brain Balance Centers Left Brain DominanceCharacteristics of a Left Brained Child

Children with dominant left brain function typically perform well academically but may struggle socially and behaviorally.

Brain Balance Centers Right Brain FunctionsCharacteristics of a Right Brained Child

Children who are right brain dominant are often very visual, spontaneous, emotional and intuitive but may struggle academically with memorizing facts and paying attention to details.

Proprioception ExplainedProprioception Explained

Many children with processing disorders report feeling scattered or disjointed which may be related to a faulty proprioceptive sense.

What Not to Say to a Child with ADHDWhat Not to Say to a Child with ADHD

Remind yourself of what not to say to a child with ADHD and work on improving your communication strategies.

Inattention | ADHD | Learning DisorderWhen It’s Not ADHD: Other Causes of Inattention in Children

It’s important for parents to consider the various causes of inattention in their children in order to determine the best treatment.

Kid Friendly Foods That Ease Anxiety | Nutrition for StressKid Friendly Foods That Ease Anxiety

The following kid-friendly foods are thought to reduce the body’s stress response and promote relaxation.

Sensory Processing Disorder and Sensory Integration DisorderSigns and Symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder are so severely affected by sensory preferences that it interferes with normal functioning.

Essential Oils for ADHD | LavendarEssential Oils for ADHD

Can Essential Oils Enhance Focus in ADHD Children? If used carefully you may very well find that essential oils enhance focus in children with ADHD and attention issues.


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