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Your Back to School Guide from Brain Balance Centers

At Brain Balance Achievement Centers, we know that heading back to school can be difficult for kids with neuro-developmental disorders like ADHD, Asperger Syndrome (ASD), dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. To help parents and kids have a successful school year, we've compiled all of our back to school strategies, tips, and information in one place. Enjoy your Brain Balance Back to School Guide, and share it with friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons below!

Tackle Oppositional and Impulsive Behavior
If your child has ADHD, ODD, or other behavioral issues, we have tips and strategies to help you promote structure and order at home and at school:

  • Four strategies for making school and ADHD a winning combination for your child
  • Three tips for motivating a difficult or defiant child
  • 16 House Rules for your child with ADHD
  • Help your child accomplish goals this year by asking him or her these three questions before school begins

Reduce Anxiety
Does your child feel anxious before school begins? Reduce your child's back to school anxiety with these five important strategies that will help your child feel more comfortable and less stressed before he or she steps foot in the classroom.

Prepare for IEP Meetings
Do you have an IEP meeting scheduled? Use these important tips for a successful IEP meeting! A little preparation goes a long way in ensuring a positive outcome for your child.

Make Nutrition a Priority
Get great ideas for packing a healthy and appealing school lunch for your child, even if he or she has special dietary restrictions! Learn more about the connection between ADHD symptoms and diet so you can make simple but effective changes for your family.

Avoiding Bullying Behavior
It’s no secret that kids with learning and behavioral disorders often end up dealing with bullies at some point in their school careers. Share these tips and resources for dealing with bullies with your kids before school begins, so children feel empowered and ready to take on whatever comes their way!

To learn more about our whole-child approach, contact us online or find a center near you.

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