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Probiotics and Brain Health

The Benefits of Probiotics for Brain Health and Digestion

Probiotics are micro organisms like bacteria and yeast that aid digestion and support a healthy immune system in their host when they are consumed. Our digestive systems are home to literally trillions of micro organisms that make up our gut flora, but the CDC is now warning about the overuse of antibiotics and the subsequent impact on this "good bacteria" in our systems. The overuse of antibiotics is causing higher rates of drug-resistant infections, allergic reactions, and intestinal infections. As doctors and hospitals make changes to ensure antibiotics are used cautiously and appropriately, families can make changes now to support better gut health and brain function through a diet free of excess antibiotics and rich in probiotics to help promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut.

An article from WebMD.com shares the following about antibiotics and gut health:

Antibiotic overuse doesn’t just lead to drug-resistant superbugs, it may also permanently wipe out the body’s good bacteria.

Good bacteria in the gut help people in many ways, including helping make vitamins and boosting immunity. Some researchers think that killing them off with antibiotics may be contributing to rises in chronic health conditions such as obesity, asthma, and cancer.

A commentary published in the latest issue of Nature calls for more careful prescribing of antibiotics, particularly in pregnant women and babies, who are just establishing their colonies of good bacteria in the gut.

How can probiotics restore the balance of friendly gut bacteria and lead to better brain health? A recent study from researchers at UCLA links gut bacteria to changes in brain function, underscoring Brain Balance’s assertion that diet has a direct and significant impact on behavior. While additional studies should be completed to better understand the impact, there is little doubt that gut health is an important aspect of a person's overall wellness. Even if you aren't taking antibiotics for illness, the antibiotics used in conventional meat and dairy products can affect gut bacteria as well, leading to an imbalance of gut flora.

Brain Balance Achievement Centers recommends choosing organic meat and dairy products when possible to avoid over exposure to antibiotics from the foods we eat. Consider adding foods to your family's diet that naturally contain live and active probiotic cultures like certain yogurt products, kefir, and even sauerkraut. Click here for a list of foods that naturally contain probiotics. In addition, choosing a high quality supplement of probiotics can help restore gut health and bacterial balance. 

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