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3 Activities to Promote Empathy and Stop Bullying

It's no secret that kids with learning and behavioral disorders like ADHD, dyslexia, and Asperger Syndrome are often easy targets for bullies. In an effort to reduce and prevent bullying behaviors, Brain World and Kiwi shared three activities that parents and educators can do with kids to promote empathy and understanding of neuro-developmental disorders. Consider sharing these activities with your children or students:

1)    The messy and distracted locker or closet: Children with ADHD tend to be disorganized and often lose or forget their belongings. For teachers conducting an in-school empathy activity, they can pack a locker full of things (papers, various books, pencils, etc.) and provide the children with a list of items to find. To distract the children, the teacher can consistently ask questions. After the activity is complete, the teacher can ask questions to help the students understand how it feels to have ADHD. This same activity can be conducted by parents at home using a cabinet or closet.

2)    Through the eyes of a dyslexic child: Educators and parents can show children a written sentence in which the letters in the words are flipped around. Showing a sentence to them this way is how a dyslexic child usually views a written sentence. Have the children attempt to read the sentence and then show them how it actually reads to demonstrate the challenge that dyslexic children face.

3)    Listen with your eyes, watch with your ears: Educators and parents can show children three separate movie clips at the same time with equal levels of volume. After a few minutes, ask three questions that pertain to each of the clips.

All of us at Brain Balance Achievement Centers are committed to helping children connect with success in their academic and personal lives. Consider sharing this article to help us promote understanding of learning differences and put a stop to bullying.

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