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IEP Guide For Parents: Navigating Extra School Support

You have an amazing child. They are bright and do well in many areas, but the past two years may have left them feeling unfocused, fidgety, or having a tough time managing their emotions. The post-pandemic time of stress, on and off at-home schooling, and lack of socialization has been tough on kids and teens! In other words, things may be feeling “out of balance.”

We created this IEP Guide to help parents who feel their child needs additional support in school.

Whether your child has an existing IEP that needs some changes, or you believe your child may need the additional support that an IEP provides, this guide will help your family navigate the IEP process and make a plan for the school year ahead.

post pandemic iep guide


Fill out the form to download our "IEP Guide for Parents" to help your family navigate the IEP process and make a plan for the school year. 


Help Your Child Get Back on Track

If your family is feeling uneasy about this school year, you’re not alone! At Brain Balance, we understand what you’re going through. The Brain Balance Program is designed to help kids, teens and young adults build the focus, behavior, and social-emotional skills to keep up in school. Brain Balance has helped more than 50,000 individuals reach their true potential. When you fill out the form above, not only will you receive our "IEP Guide for Parents" but one of our knowledgeable team members will reach out to see how Brain Balance can help. 

Check out these helpful resources for families navigating IEPs and 504 plans 

Fill out the form to download the "IEP Guide for Parents"