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Healthy Brain,
Happy Life.

Improve attention, cognition and overall well-being with the Brain Balance Program®

Our integrated approach combines cognitive, physical and sensory training with nutritional guidance to strengthen and build brain connectivity without the use of medication. Stronger connections translate to improved attention, behaviors, and social-emotional well-being. 

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The brain can change at any age. We provide our programs both at centers nationwide and from the convenience of your home, accompanied by weekly video call support.

Brain Balance Program Reviews

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What Makes Brain Balance Unique

The Brain Balance program is a unique approach that integrates multiple methods to drive lasting change in the brain rather than focusing on individual struggles or challenges in isolation. Or goal is for you to complete the program with the progress, tools and resources you need to thrive for life.


Brain Balance is dedicated to offering non-pharmacological options for addressing challenges. Our program is a holistic approach to changing the brain without medication.


Our program addresses challenges by creating measurable changes in development and cognition, impacting many aspects of life, rather than temporary symptom management.


Our program's success lies in its ability to impact multiple interrelated developmental domains simultaneously. Scientifically proven physical, sensory and cognitive exercises that enhance focus, mood, memory, and overall daily behavior.


Research on Brain Balance program outcomes demonstrates consistent improvement in developmental reflexes, motor coordination, rhythm and timing, and visual coordination. These changes are driven by gains in developmental reflexes, motor coordination, rhythm and timing, visual coordination, and sensory perception.

Common Challenges We Help Address

Many challenges we face throughout life are rooted in the brain and development. When the brain struggles, so do we. When the brain is stronger, faster, and more efficient it improves our ability to sustain attention, block out distractions, regulate our mood and emotions, and control our behaviors. These are just a few of the common challenges we help our students address.
  • Distractibility & Attention
  • Task Avoidance
  • Memory
  • Organization
  • Attention to Detail
  • Follow Through with Work or School
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Impulsivity
  • Mood & Behavior
  • Sensory Processing
  • Social Challenges

Wondering if Brain Balance is Right for You?

Our online quiz provides insight into you or your child’s challenges, and whether the Brain Balance Program is a good fit.

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What Does The Brain Have To Do With It?

Everything starts in the brain. The Brain Balance Program is rooted in the understanding that our life experiences are shaped by brain health and development. We know that disruptions or stressors to the natural course of brain development can impact learning, behavior, and overall well-being. The good news is that the brain is adaptable at any age, thanks to neuroplasticity.

Our holistic, multimodal approach is designed to optimize brain function by fostering the growth of new neural connections and strengthening existing ones. The Brain Balance Program integrates cognitive, physical, sensory, and nutritional elements, acknowledging the interconnected nature of development. We empower individuals to build healthier brains, addressing challenges that hold them back in life and promoting overall well-being.

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Promoting and Optimizing Brain Health


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Is the Brain Balance program backed by research?

How does the Brain Balance program work?

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