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Brain Balance Center of Overland Park
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Center Info
6406 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66211

Mon: 9:00am - 7:30pm Tue: 9:00am - 5:00pm Wed: 9:00am - 7:30pm Thu: 9:00am - 5:00pm Fri:  9:00am - 7:30pm Sat: Closed Sun: Closed

Welcome to Brain Balance Center of Overland Park

At Brain Balance Center of Overland Park we understand the pain and frustration of watching your child struggle with learning or behavioral issues. Here, and at our centers around the country, we have helped thousands of kids overcome their challenges. Our groundbreaking program provides lasting results because we don't simply work with a child's strengths or compensate for a weakness, we tackle the root cause of the issue.

Our unique Brain Balance Program® addresses the whole child by integrating sensory motor training and stimulation and cognitive activities with nutritional and dietary guidelines. This unique integrated approach is key to what makes Brain Balance different and so effective.

We invite you to visit our center at 6406 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS 66211 for a personal tour. You can observe our program in action, meet our dedicated team and learn more about the many children we have helped right here in our community.

To contact us, call 913-627-9400 or click here to have one of our staff members contact you directly.

Brain Balance Center of Overland Park Blog Recent News

  • Saturated Fats and Your Health

    September 29, 2014
    Kristen Davidson, our resident nutrition coach at Brain Balance of Overland Park, gives us her take on healthy fats and how they are part of a nutritious, balanced diet.  There is a lot of confusion over healthy fats these days and what role they play in our health. Let’s look at common belief, and what studies have actually shown to be true. Where We’ve Gone Wrong Popular belief for the last half-century suggests that vegetable oils (i.e. mono- and polyunsaturated fats) are good, while saturated... Read More
  • Brain Balance of Overland Park Receives Three Awards

    September 8, 2014
    At a national Brain Balance conference in August, our center received three awards! We were honored to come in first place in the Impact Award, third place for the President’s Award and third place for the Phoenix Award. Our Center Director Rebecca Banks, Program Director Dana Hernandez and Director of Program Development were on hand to receive them. Left to Right: Brain Balance CEO Chip Miller, BBOP Program Director Dana Hernandez, BBOP Center Director Rebecca Banks, BBOP Director of Program Development... Read More
  • We're Featured!

    August 15, 2014
    Brain Balance of Overland Park was featured in the August 2014 issue of HerLife Magazine! We're thrilled to see this great article on what Brain Balance is all about. Here's a little bit of what they had to say about us: "Brain Balance Achievement Centers don't just work with your child's strengths or compensate for weakness. The staff tackles your child's issue head on by addressing the root cause at the most fundamental level…the results are phenomenal when all facets of... Read More