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There's so many kids who have imbalances. So I just totally recommend Brain Balance before trying anything else.

He was diagnosed with Selective Mutism, where he has a lot of social anxiety in public. So he doesn’t talk very much at school, and he’s just had a lot of anxiety every time he had to leave home. At home he was comfortable, he talked a lot. He was relaxed. I think his imbalances were getting worse. He had been connecting with me and Carl, my husband but he wasn’t connecting with us very much, and he seemed to just like spending time on his iPod. He was just getting more and more imbalance and having more anxiety. He was struggling and struggling, and just barely getting by. We had to help him a lot which school and homework

I was really impressed. I loved taking him to the center. I loved the process. I loved the assessment. It was so thorough. I really felt like everyone was professional. Everyone was really nice. They really focus on Shawn and how to get him better. I have so much respect and regard for Brain Balance.

He seems like he’s getting the lessons more, giving more eye contact. At Christmas, he actually initiated and led his grandparents in a game of Uno for like two hours. He helped each one, and he gave really clear instructions. I was like, “Wow!” Because I didn’t know he could instruct people and lead people into playing.

I highly recommend Brain Balance. One of the reasons is because it’s natural. They don’t drug the kids out. It really stimulates the brain, and it actually increases their brain capacity for functioning which nothing else will do. You know, drugs won’t do it. Then I love the diet part. I love the physical exercises. I could tell that Brain Balance really helped. Everything about it was just so helpful and stimulating, and it increased his mental capacity.

Brain Balance students progress an average of 2.6 levels in 3 months for sensory motor exercises. On average, customers surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10 point scale.