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Olivia would get very frustrated completing simple tasks, and homework was especially difficult.

We had to sit with Olivia and walk her through all the steps. A ten-minute assignment would take an hour. We would sing it, say it, repeat it, and write it down. Olivia got extra help from her teachers, and we did all the extra academics we could come up with. But you would look at her, and see she just didn’t get it. She didn’t go to a lot of kids’ houses to play, because it was hard for Olivia to go from one activity to something else. As a result, Olivia didn’t have a lot of friends. We had to pick activities that didn’t involve changes that would make her lose control. We had Olivia tested with a psychologist so we could have ADHD medication prescribed. Then, my mother did research and told me about the Brain Balance website. I was convinced that Brain Balance was the solution. This was what was going to help.

Now, Olivia is in middle school and even gets on the bus by herself. Olivia’s confidence level is unreal compared to where she was before. She attempts things that she wouldn’t have considered before. Olivia is much more willing to jump out there and not be on the sidelines. She’ll pick up a chapter book now, which is something she would never have done before Brain Balance. I know as a parent you try to do all the right things to help your child. When you’re singing it and dancing along, saying it, and writing it and the concept’s still not grasped, you know there’s something bigger. You just keep thinking that you’ve been doing this for so long and that there has to be an answer. Brain Balance was the answer for us. The people at Brain Balance are so good with your kids, and they build a rapport. Brain Balance was definitely a lifesaver for us.

Brain Balance students progress an average of 2.6 levels in 3 months for sensory motor exercises. On average, customers surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10 point scale.