Jake came to Brain Balance diagnosed with/exhibiting

  • Impulse control



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Jake was every grey hair on my head.

jake_01His behavioral problem was impulse control. If he felt like the remote control should go through the window it did. He would do things wrong in school, knowing that school would call me in. But if I sat in the classroom he was a perfect angel. Jake is a very bright child. The first grade teacher had him teach other kids but he would just do their work and then rope them all into trouble. By chance, I heard Dr. Melillo explaining his program and three months later a pediatric nutritionist mentioned Brain Balance and handed me the book, Disconnected Kids. I knew it was perfect for Jake and enrolled him in the program. Now, we can have babysitters and I have a job. It’s so fantastic. The phone calls from the teachers have completely stopped. Jake has no IEP. We don’t worry about the impulse control. Jake’s playing soccer and is one of the best on the field. And he’s got friends. He’s been invited to birthday parties for the first time in his life.

- Alison B., Brain Balance Parent

Brain Balance students progress an average of 2.6 levels in 3 months for sensory motor exercises. On average, customers
surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10 point scale. Over 84% of customers said they were very likely or extremely likely
to recommend Brain Balance to a friend or family member.

Other people don’t necessarily see the potential in our child’s heart and their heart matters. Brain Balance could see beyond the behaviors and struggles he had. They could see that our child had good inside of him, and ...