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It's such a wonderful program and they truly care and if you are wanting change for your child that doesn't involve medication then this is the route you should take.

At 17 months old, Hudson lost all of his speech. Socially he did okay but he would have huge tantrums that … Because he was our first we kind of just thought “Oh this is what 2-year-old age kind of do,” but they continued. All the way through three, and they got worse. He had severe separation anxiety. We couldn’t leave him anywhere except with my parents. He would do good with them but they would have to stay at my house. I couldn’t leave them at their house with them. He couldn’t go to church. He would vomit, he would cry and just lose it in the nursery and things like that. It was very difficult when he was little. We struggled a lot around that time. He had great eye contact he was very sweet and snuggly. We knew it wasn’t full-blown autism, but we knew something wasn’t right.

He had been in speech through a couple of different places. He was about 3 and a half I think when we first heard about Brain Balance. The first time we went through it we were inside more often, talked to other parents, we loved all the people, all the staff were so sweet and you could tell they really cared. They didn’t just talk to you about your one child, they talked to you about life and about your other kids just while sitting in the waiting room and stuff. We loved being there.

bb-ss-hudson-family-300x300My family is probably the people that are around him the most and always have been and they have noticed a difference and they did almost right away. They could tell that his fits were less or his tantrums. They definitely saw a huge change and noticed it. He’s doing great in school, absolutely great. At his parent-teacher conference she told us that he’s one of her best students socially, academically, everything. He’s right on track where he should be or above in every area of testing that they do which was something that we didn’t expect to get to so quickly. I mean he’s only in kindergarten. We expected that this would take years of battling things and helping him learn and get back on track and it just happened so much faster than we ever imagined.

Even though the program is expensive, it’s worth it. It’s so beyond worth it in the long run because the changes you will see are just tremendous and it just gave us hope. From the very first few times we went, we knew there was hope, we knew there was hope that Hudson would have a really bright future and things would be better and change. It’s just wonderful.

Brain Balance students progress an average of 2.6 levels in 3 months for sensory motor exercises. On average, customers surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10 point scale.