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For 4 years, I longed to understand Eva.

It was hard not to know what was troubling her and why she couldn’t formulate sentences properly. She would fall apart when I would take her out in public and couldn’t show or receive affection. Although at times we saw small glimmers of hope, it wasn’t until we took Eva to a Brain Balance center that we made a major breakthrough. Right from the start, I felt like the staff understood what was going on with our daughter and they were confident that they could help. For the first time in Eva’s life, we felt hopeful. We met other families whose children have also benefited in so many ways. Going through the Brain Balance program has made Eva a normal, better functioning little girl. One of the first changes we saw in Eva was that she began to show a lot more affection. All of a sudden, she loved to give and receive hugs! She also now spontaneously will tell us she loves us, adding “with all, all, all my heart” or “very, very, very much!” After so many silent years, this alone makes Brain Balance worth every penny!eva-02-300x300

In the beginning, Eva was unable to tell me what she was doing during her sessions at Brain Balance. I would ask questions and get a nod here and there. In the last few weeks, she would get in the car and chatter away in the back seat about Miss Kate, her special glasses that she has to wear, and what she did that day. Her brain could finally process and verbalize what she was thinking. Eva listens and is more focused. She’s happier and can keep herself occupied better. Her fine motor skills are improving, as now she loves to draw and color. We can reason with her and she shares with others willingly. Her senses have also improved. Her speech is so much better and she also enjoys smells and can now inhale deeply. Most importantly, she can play with her siblings­—this has been a huge blessing! Eva now has a stronger body, is less floppy in her core, and is no longer clumsy or running into things. All of these changes (and I’m sure there are more) were beyond any expectations we ever had for our daughter.

The staff at Brain Balance truly love the children they work with and pour themselves into the kids. I will forever be thankful for the work they did that caused us all to fall in love all over again with a little girl we always knew was there, just waiting to come out.

Brain Balance students progress an average of 2.6 levels in 3 months for sensory motor exercises. On average, customers surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10 point scale.