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Everything that Cleveland has gotten from this program is amazing. It really is. I can honestly say he is happy.

Academically, he was not doing well at all. He was suffering. He’s always been very good at math but reading he just was not getting it. Socially, he would have kids come up to him and he really didn’t know how to respond. Like kids would say hi to him, and he just didn’t know how to participate with other kids. He didn’t really know how to talk to other kids or to just interact with them. Once he came home from school, it was like he had held it together for so long during school that it was an eruption. I mean there were times where I would have to like sit on top of him to hold him down because the fits were so horrible and so bad and so extreme where I cried to his pediatrician because I didn’t know what else to do at that point. It was extremely hard.

My grandma found out about Brain Balance. I’m not quite sure how but she started everything. She started the whole process, and she took him in for his evaluation. When we went in for the evaluation results, the thing that sold me is they were so right on about everything, about how he was right-brain weak and the stuff that is associated with being right-brain weak. I was shocked that out of a 4-hour assessment they basically knew my child. I was shocked.

bb-ss-cleveland-family-300x300He now has friends. They come over. He plays with them. He interacts with kids. My grandmother, of course, just brags on him all the time now. He’s a completely different person. I mean he’s a completely different person. He really is. Just socially, just everything. We went shopping the other day, and he has never sung a song. He’s never remembered a whole song. He’s been kind of awkward in his self, not very sure of his body and his movements. When we went shopping the other day, he sang songs in the car. He was dancing. He wasn’t shy or embarrassed to do anything. He just let himself go. He’s just been a happier person. He talked to my aunt on the phone one night for like 20 minutes. He’s never talked to anybody on the phone because he’s never talked to anybody on the phone because he’s never been social with anybody.

Homework was something that was horribly dreaded in my home. It was like the black plague. It was horrible. He would throw fits. He would do one problem and be done and throw a fit about it. Now, he comes home and he does his work.

Brain Balance students progress an average of 2.6 levels in 3 months for sensory motor exercises. On average, customers surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10 point scale.