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Parenting in a Pandemic: Understanding Emotions, Navigating Fights and Practicing Self-Care

Brain Balance was excited to welcome guest speaker Dr. Robyn Silverman, well-known child & teen developmental specialist and host of the parenting podcast “How to Talk to Kids About Anything.” Dr. Silverman joined Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Vice President of Programs & Outcomes for Brain Balance.

Learn how to navigate time at home with your family by understanding emotions, diffusing fighting and implementing self-care tips. Understand how difficulties with behavior and emotional regulation are related to brain development. 

Presented by: Dr. Rebecca Jackson & Dr. Robyn Silverman 

Rebecca Jackson Photo

Dr. Robyn Silverman Advisory Board Headshot

Topics include:

1. Understanding kids’ big emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic
2. Solutions to navigate fighting during the quarantine
3. Support for positive self-talk and self-care during quarantine with kids
4. Understanding why this time is even harder for some kids than others and tips to help alleviate stress at home.

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