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Integrated Approach

Our unique, whole-child approach has helped thousands of kids reach their physical, social/behavioral, and academic potential.

The Brain Balance Program®

Our Program is the most comprehensive approach to overcoming the symptoms of ADHD, learning disabilities, processing disorders, Asperger syndrome, and a host of other related childhood learning and developmental issues. Our cutting-edge, integrated approach combines three core modalities into one program. This leads to the most effective, lasting results while saving time and minimizing stress for you and your child. To replicate our program on your own, you would, at a minimum, have to visit a host of individual practitioners and spend hours coordinating their efforts— not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost. All of these efforts would still not replicate the uniqueness nor the results of this program!

An Integrated Approach

Based on the results of your child’s individualized assessment, we create a program tailored specifically to your child’s unique needs. Each child’s program includes sensory motor training and stimulation and academic activity plans coupled with easy-to-follow dietary guidelines. This unique integrated approach is key to what makes Brain Balance different and so effective. The carefully structured and coordinated combination of program elements helps establish proper brain and body function leading to a reduction or elimination of negative symptoms and behaviors, and improves the ability to learn, academically, socially and emotionally.

Each of these pillars of brain development plays an important role in improving a child’s ability to learn and behave at an age-appropriate level. By integrating physical and academic exercises with dietary changes, we are able to correct the underlying imbalance and achieve measurable, long-term changes in your child’s behavior and academic performance. Further, to build on progress made in-center we create a supplemental, in-home program including nutritional guidelines that you can easily implement to further your child’s accomplishments.

You and your child will be coached along the way by our team of friendly professionals, including a sensory motor coach and a neuro-academic coach. Typically working with this combination of experts would require countless appointments and many stressful hours of coordination and travel time. At Brain Balance Achievement Centers, you get the most comprehensive integrated program all at a single location!

To schedule an assessment for your child, or to learn more about how the Brain Balance Program can help your child reach their full potential, contact us online or find a center near you.

There is no other program of its kind in the world.

Learn more about the elements of our integrated approach:

  • Academic Activities

      Our academic skills training focuses on a brain-based approach to education and learning that goes way beyond the traditional teaching or tutoring techniques. At Brain Balance, we target specific deficient academic skills and subject areas in an effort to not only improve skills but, more importantly, stimulate growth and development in the part of the brain that controls those skills. In this... Read More
  • Sensory Motor Activities

    The foundation of growth, development, and learning in a child starts with sensory and motor interaction with the world. The brain is built from the bottom up and this starts with movement and sensory exploration. Sensory stimulation and feedback drive the brain, but the motor system drives sensory stimulation—you can’t have one without the other. This is at the core... Read More
    Brain Balance Exercises
  • The Balance 360 Clean-Eating Nutrition System

    Brain Balance is proud to announce the introduction of our proprietary nutritional plan, the Balance 360 Nutrition System. The Brain Balance approach improves brain and body development by addressing your child’s physical, academic, and nutritional needs. The Balance 360 System is a wholesome program that supports our comprehensive approach to balancing the brain effectively and efficiently. Based on our years of... Read More
    Balance 360 Nutrition System Logo