Brain Balance Midlothian Reviews & Testimonials


Reviews & Testimonials from Brain Balance Midlothian Families

“Evan’s participation was not an easy task.  It was a 7 hour round trip, 3 days a week for 3 months.  I am here to tell you that IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY THAT WE SPENT AND EVERY MILE THAT WE DROVE.  My son has a chance now.”

We are in our 4th week and are starting to see some positive results! My son James will always bring books home on library day but he always wants me to read them to him. Yesterday morning- he started reading his chapter book to himself and even had his little sister trying to read it and he would correct her! Appropriately! YAY! The best part is that I had to MAKE him put the book down so we wouldn’t miss the bus!

We are almost one month into Brain Balance and our little guy is trying more foods and answering some questions with more than “yes” .. these are tremendous achievements for our superstar!

I have often thought how nice it would be for Michael to be more engaged when we go on a road trip. When I hear kids asking questions I think “how wonderful”. Be careful what you ask for! We’ve been in the car for about 35 minutes and I’ve already lost track of how many times he’s said “are we at the Justin Roberts concert yet?” Now we are at a hideous gas station going pee because he didn’t have to go 2 exits ago! Ah, the ‘normal’ things in life!

“I am always talking to people about Brain Balance…I find it fascinating with the research I have done, what you all can do for our little angels. There is hope for our children. Your staff is fantastic…my girl loves working with you all and she knows you all love working with her.”

He is a different child since he has been going to the Brain Balance program! I thought he would need one-one assistance and be in a Special Education program all year long. Quite the opposite happened! He is like everyone else in the classroom!


Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.


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