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Tammy Bingham

Tammy Bingham

Executive Director

Tammy Bingham, a mother of four, was instrumental in bringing Brain Balance to Utah and now to Arizona because of the profound changes the program made in the lives of her two sons and family.

In 2011, the family made the difficult decision for Tammy and the children to move temporarily across the country so their two sons could participate in the Brain Balance program. Tammy’s husband stayed at home and worked, flying out often on the weekends to be with the family.

Due to the great success that their sons experienced in Brain Balance, Tammy and her husband determined to bring the miracle of Brain Balance to other families. Tammy serves as the director of the Brain Balance centers in Utah, Arizona and Oregon. Her personal experience with the program, from the point of view of a parent, helps to ensure that with Brain Balance there is hope for every child and harmony for every family. Learn more about this family’s incredible journey in a day-by-day account.

Lorne Hurd

Lorne Hurd

Center Director

Ashley Edelman

Ashley Edelman

Program Director

Jennifer Salvatierra

Jennifer Salvatierra

Assistant Director

Alex Runquist

Assistant Program Director

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