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Dr. Isaac Johnson DC

Dr. Isaac Johnson DC


I grew up in Owasso, Oklahoma. I earned my BS in Health and Exercise Science from the University of Oklahoma. During my time there, I realized my goal was to help people that were not getting help elsewhere. I enrolled in Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, TX and began learning how to help those in need. During my time there, I discovered my passion for functional neurology, and I saw how addressing the specific cause of a problem is what will gain the greatest result. I learned about Brain Balance while hearing Dr. Melillo, the founder of Brain Balance, speak at a neurology seminar. I knew this was what I had been searching for and that this could change the lives of kids and families that were not getting the help they desperately needed. I shared what I had learned about Brain Balance with my wife, whom at the time was an elementary school teacher in Irving, TX, and we began working towards bringing Brain Balance to Oklahoma to meet the need of so many struggling children. Now that Brain Balance is open in Tulsa, it is a joy to go to work each day. I see the kids growing and developing and hear the stories from their parents about the changes they are seeing in their children that they doubted were possible. A 6 yr. old girl, in Kindergarten for the second time, ran in one day with her notebook full of words she had been spelling when six weeks prior she could barely write her name. An 11 yr. old boy with Asperger’s, had a twenty-minute conversation over the phone with his aunt where he was asking “why”, and was giving his own responses that weren’t scripted from TV shows he had seen. A 7 yr. old boy with ADHD, in remedial math and reading classes, is now acing his tests and his teacher has said he is having the best days at school she has ever seen. Stories like these are why we brought Brain Balance to Tulsa. Lives are changing every day and we hope to start making changes in your child’s life very soon.

Tabitha Backwater, M.Ed.

Tabitha Backwater, M.Ed.

Center Director

Tabitha brings nearly 20 years of experience educating and coaching children and their families to Brain Balance of Oklahoma City. Her dedication to helping children, including two of her own, led her to Brain Balance where she continues to support children and their families in their Brain Balance journey. With a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Education, Tabitha utilizes her formal education and extensive experience in child development on a daily basis to provide families the fullest Brain Balance Program possible. Outside of the center, Tabitha enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband Erik, their three children, and grandchildren. She also appreciates traveling, reading, and maintaining an active lifestyle. Above all, Tabitha’s greatest joy is helping all children achieve their greatest potential.

Tara Kuykendall

Tara Kuykendall

Program Director

Tara began her education at Missouri Southern State University, where she studied Early Childhood Education and Child Development. From a young age, Tara knew her passion was to make a difference in children’s lives. Her experience as a teacher led Tara to Brain Balance of Oklahoma City by allowing her to create a deeper, more meaningful connection with the children and families she serves. In her free time, Tara loves spending time with her daughter Ivy, has a passion for cooking and nutrition, and seeks adventure in all forms. She is driven to make a difference in each of our Brain Balance kids’ lives by encouraging them to reach their full potential; mentally, emotionally and physically.

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