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Brain Balance Omaha Reviews & Testimonials


Reviews & Testimonials from Brain Balance Omaha Families

Maggie K.

Wow! Our 9yo son has grown so much with Brain Balance. They are so supportive attending school meetings and offering advice through every step. Ali is even coming to a school meeting after my son completes his sessions. We initially chose Brain Balance as a medicinal alternative for our mildly autistic, behaviorally and socially challenged son. He went to three psychologists with little signs of improvement. I learned so much about him, nutrition, and more effective approaches. Brain Balance exercises reduce/ eliminate primitive reflexes, strengthen skeletal muscles, help with food pickiness, and strengthen eye muscles. In addition to the 3 hours per week of program, there are daily exercises to complete at home. There is a Facebook group for nutrition and support, so you never feel alone. The members are extremely supportive, and our son liked seeing the number of likes he received on his positive posts. Our family diet has completely changed removing most toxins which negatively impacted him. I noticed negative self talk associated with food dyes, irritable bowels with gluten, and increased energy with a cleaner diet. His behavior also improved with daily probiotics, DHA, multi-vitamins, and magnesium supplements. During Brain Balance, our son just began the Structured Behavior Skills program in Millard Schools.

He completed the program faster than any previous student, and we attribute this to Brain Balance. During the first 3 months, the amount of meltdowns he had decreased by 50%, and the amount of physical altercations were nearly zero. He's only purposely hit his little brother once or twice when provoked in the last couple of months. He immediately acknowledges fault. He still has challenges at school (he is attending a new school and went from a traditional to Montessori school.) We were told it takes a "normal kid" approximately 8-10 weeks to transition, and he seems to be on track for the 12 weeks we thought it would take. He is by no means without challenges. His significant improvements are physically - from noodle push-ups on his knees to strong push-ups on his knuckles. He wasn't able to join Kung-fu previously, and now he is respectful and attentive. (Yes - I cried tears of joy that night!) He had challenges with Cub Scouts, and now he's playing more appropriately with children his own age. The number of inappropriate outbursts / overreactions decreased about 90% at home and 75% at school. My son that would have a meltdown trying new foods asks for them. He couldn't stand Mac & Cheese texture, but now he likes it! He went from disliking spicy foods to asking for the hottest sauce. He even likes sushi rolls! What?! Yes, we still have some improvements, but he has progressed enormously since we began. I would definitely recommend Brain Balance to any parent who feels lost with no place to turn. It improved our whole family's quality of life and dynamic. We can never thank Ali, Kari, Melanie, and the Brain Balance coaches enough. This program was both eye opening and life changing.

Kristin B.

The team at Brain Balance Center of Omaha is great. Very responsive to your questions and always there when you need support as your child is going through the process. They are able to predict when certain behaviors will occur which always floored me. The growth in my child was tremendous which has led her to be more relaxed and able to cope so much better with her frustrations. We are not done with this journey though, and only look forward to continued maturity.

Renne W.

So we completed 6 months in program about 5 months ago. The changes we have seen in the boys (ages 11 & 9) are amazing.

My oldest was diagnosed with the ADHD in kindergarten - 2 weeks into school - and has been on medicine since then. With the help of Brain Balance, we have been able to reduce his medicine to the lowest dose as he does still struggle with some things. I'm very confident that we will be able to completely take him off medicine in the very near future. It's amazing to see the improvements in his self awareness and self control. The awareness of things going on around him, or to people he cares about, is so much different than it was a year ago. I truly feel that this program has changed the trajectory of his life as it has helped with so many things he struggled with on a daily basis. We are still doing the post program, but the changes in him have been nothing short of amazing.

My youngest was also diagnosed in Kindergarten but he only struggles with the focus piece. The changes in him aren't as noticeable but they are still very present. His self awareness of what's going on around him has dramatically increased. He is still struggling a bit with his fine motor skills, handwriting specifically, but this is showing much improvement to. The program has given him the tools he needs to continue growing and improving on some of these things.

I truly feel putting them both through this program was the best thing we could have done. It has helped them both so much from both a personal and social perspective. I am so very thankful we found this program!

Alissa T.

Before BB, my son was struggling with behavior issues. He could go from being so happy to extremely agitated and furious, for no apparent reason. Now after graduating Brain Balance he is so much calmer and a joy to be around! Thank you Brain Balance for all you do!

Rodney O.

My son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and he is a Senior this year. His experience at Brain Balance has made a dramatic improvement in his overall demeanor and ability to handle his emotions. It would be hard to adequately quantify all the areas that Brain Balance and the staff there have helped my son improve, but I feel much more confident in his ability to navigate the world on his own. The staff are dedicated to helping children to improve as much as possible and have always been incredibly understanding and accommodating. Like any type of therapy there are things which children and parents are required to reenforce and strengthen at home in order to get the best results. Brain Balance is not a magic pill or fairy dust by any stretch, but it does wonders for those willing to go all in and give it a chance. Many of the young people who went through the program with my son made similar or even more profound improvements. I wish we had found Brain Balance years ago.


Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.


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