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Brain Balance Woodbury Reviews & Testimonials


Reviews & Testimonials from Brain Balance Woodbury Families

She seems less anxious and more involved in what is going on around her. It is amazing to see how proud she is of herself–she knows that she is changing. I give credit where it belongs–Brain Balance of Woodbury!”

My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with a learning disability (Slow Learner) and Significant Developmental Delay. She started Brain Balance over the summer–when we had her IEP meeting after approx. 26 sessions, her teachers and therapists couldn’t say enough good things about the changes they were seeing! They commented on how quietly she walked through the halls, sat in class and listened to everything, waited quietly while others spoke before speaking, and kindly helped a new student learn the routines. They talked about the huge increase in her reading comprehension, how quickly she was now picking up on multiplication tables and science concepts, and her improvements in her handwriting. They couldn’t believe the growth over the summer! I was excited when I watched her meet a child her age–for the first time I listened to her ask socially appropriate questions and wait for the answers. The whole interaction went smoothly–I never had to intervene or explain her behavior. Her speech is now so clear that people who meet her for the first time can understand everything she says! When she talks–she makes comments that contribute to the conversation–not bring it to a grinding halt like she used to. She no longer wets the bed at night and I’ve seen a significant reduction in chewing on her clothing. She seems less anxious and more involved in what is going on around her. It is amazing to see how proud she is of herself–she knows that she is changing. I give credit where it belongs–Brain Balance of Woodbury! I know how hard they have worked with her and how much support they have given our whole family! I knew Brain Balance would help–but I never knew it would be so HUGE in such a short time! Everyone in the center wants the best for my daughter and want so much for her to succeed. I drive 3hours–one way–for sessions and I will continue for as long as necessary. They are worth the drive and more! This has been the best thing I could ever do for my daughter and for my whole family! – Julie R.

“After years of trying different techniques and advice from various people, our son who is now in 3rd grade was still falling behind in his reading!”

“He had a hard time staying focused in class and started to lose a bit of self-confidence. A friend suggested us to look into Brain Balance! The program was very intriguing to us, so we decided to have our son assessed by them. We liked the holistic
approach they had with improving your child’s “issues”! Our son is almost halfway through the program and his improvements in school and in social settings have been amazing! His test scores in reading and math have dramatically improved, so has his confidence! We love the program and the staff is really knowledgeable. Thanks, Brain Balance.” – Amy S

“I want to extend my gratitude to Sheila and the Brain Balance team for all of the effort and time you invest to help kids with special needs!”

 “Words cannot describe how grateful I am for coming to Brain Balance because of the improvement I have seen in the boys in past 3 weeks. Since starting the program my son has gained more social engagement. Last Friday he went up to a kid at Brain Balance and started a conversation and told the kid he got a new air hockey table. Also last week I was making dinner and for the first time ever he said: “mom those brats smell delicious.”  This is a huge mile marker for us and for your team that is helping him. While it’s been very difficult to stick to this healthy lifestyle, it’s been a miracle in the making and I want to extend my gratitude to Sheila and Brain Balance for all the effort and time you invest to help kids with special needs. I finally got the best Christmas gift ever (tears of joy & happiness).  Thank you.”

– Jen R.

“I cannot say enough about the Brain Balance program and the staff at the Woodbury location.”

“Because of the dedicated staff who were committed to believing in and coaxing out the best in my son, our family dynamic is completely changed. Brain balance is not a silver bullet. It’s a lot of work and commitment on the families’ part, but it is so very worthwhile. We saw huge reversals in negative behavior and positive steps forward for our son. For instance: all third person speech stopped; transitions became easier; meltdowns became fewer and further between; risk-taking behaviors decreased; eating habits became neater and less picky; social skills were learned and practiced – successfully! We saw his sense of humor develop and his enjoyment in everyday life increase. Our son has always been a delightful kid, though he’s also been very difficult to understand and navigate. Brain Balance has given us the keys to understanding him better, and we are hopeful that we can build on that foundation and that he will continue to grow and develop into the person he’s meant to be. I would highly recommend this program to any parents of children with ADHD, autism or behavioral/social issues.”

– Kate T.

“Our experience at Brain Balance Woodbury has been nothing short of positive.”

“They really do seem to care about our son and the staff are friendly and always ready to answer questions when needed. Their follow up assessments are always on time. Although our son is very smart and intelligent, we were concerned about behavior and his ability to accurately process certain things for his age. Although we are only half way through the program, since we have been there, we have seen improvements all around in our son while being in this program. For families on a tight or little to no budget, the program is pricey as they don’t accept insurance and for some, this can be a barrier to entry for sure however, you cannot put a price on your child’s development. I would highly recommend Brain Balance for your child’s development.”  

– Pat C.


Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.


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