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Brain Balance of Oakland County

Kurt and Carrie’s desire to open a Brain Balance™ Achievement Center is born out of the 15+ years they spent searching for and exploring solutions for their son, who suffered from ADD, dyslexia, and generalized anxiety disorder. Alec, a junior in high school when they were introduced to Brain Balance, had been medicated for these issues since sixth grade. Alec’s positive experience and outcomes with the Brain Balance program are not unique, and Kurt and Carrie have met dozens of parents whose children have made remarkable gains and achieved a quality of life that they’d previously thought impossible. The Odrobina’s are now delighted to be part of the Brain Balance family, on mission to assist other families as they enable their children to reach their potential and overcome developmental challenges and disabilities.

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Carrie Odrobina

Center Director/Owner

Carrie Odrobina serves as Center Director at the Brain Balance of Oakland County, and is a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. Carrie is an executive with 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, business consultant, executive coach, strategist, educator, and process improvement facilitator in the automotive and health care industries. With degrees in Human Resources Training/Development and Psychology, Carrie has spent her career ensuring individuals reach their potential. Her ability to assess situations and transform environments to create lasting change is as relevant at Brain Balance of Oakland County as it has been in corporate environments.

Carrie and her husband, Kurt, know first-hand the frustration families experience when their child is struggling.  They were Brain Balance parents first. Before Brain Balance, Carrie and Kurt tried countless therapies and interventions to help their own child overcome academic, social, and behavioral challenges.  After years of testing and treatments that didn’t identify or address the root cause of their child’s struggles, they began to lose hope. Brain Balance felt like the last effort to unlock the potential of their son, who was desperate to be off medications and to have the skills and abilities to achieve his relationship and career goals. The experience their son and family had with Brain Balance was eye opening and transformational, and Carrie couldn’t be more thrilled to be on mission to help more kids and families.  There is no greater gift than seeing a child accomplish what others said they could not. 

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Sarah Pavliscak

Program Director

Sarah is the Program Director at Brain Balance of Oakland County. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology, and the heart of a teacher!  She has over ten years of experience working with children of all ages, as a preschool teacher, special needs caregiver, Detroit Zoo summer camp counselor, and a para educator for Lake Orion Community Schools. Her patience, kindness, compassion, and empathy allow her to connect with students and encourage them to believe in themselves. She is excited to meet all the amazing students and families that come to Brain Balance and to motivate students to give their best in sessions while having fun. In addition to making an impact on kids’ lives, Sarah loves spending time with her family, working with animals, and teaching about wildlife conservation…especially bats!  

One of her favorite quotes by Maya Angelou is, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

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Jill Ex

Lead Sensory Motor Coach and Assessor

Jill is a Lead Sensory Motor Coach and Assessor at Brain Balance of Oakland County. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Physical Education and a minor in Dance and is also a Board-Certified Cognitive Specialist. Jill brings many years of experience teaching Physical Education and coaching gymnastics, cross country, volleyball, and track. She is organized, honest, patient and caring, and loves that she gets to work with the wonderful staff at Brain Balance to help kids reach their goals and succeed in life. She loves that she gets to help kids change their mindset and turn their challenges into achievements. When she is not at Brain Balance, Jill likes to be active outdoors, and spend time with her husband and two children.

One of her favorite quotes by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”

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Julie Pomaville

Sensory Motor and Academic Coach

Julie is a Sensory Motor and Academic Coach at Brain Balance of Oakland County, and is a Certified Cognitive Coach through IBCCES. She is a licensed massage therapist and has years of experience in the Holistic Health field. She is highly knowledgeable about the implementation of Alternative Health Techniques to promote natural wellness and combat a variety of chronic conditions including allergies, arthritis, and autoimmune disorders. She also worked as a bus driver for handicapped and special needs students. Her kindness and caring heart allow her to connect and engage well with everyone she works with. As a grandma with grand-kids who live out of state, Julie loves that she can get her “kid fix” at Brain Balance while helping support and motivate students in overcoming their challenges and reaching their full potential! One of her favorite quotes by Walt Disney is, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” When she is not working, Julie enjoys spending weekends at her cabin up north, as well as training for charity bike rides for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training and the Make a Wish 3 day ride.

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Renée Odrobina

Sensory Motor and Academic Coach

Renée is a Sensory Motor and Academic Coach at Brain Balance of Oakland County. She is currently studying at Wayne State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She has extensive experience working with children through nannying, volunteering at church, and working with students with special needs in schools. She also works with Love For A Child as a camp counselor and mentor for children in the foster care system who have been abused or neglected. Renée is very passionate about helping others and loves that Brain Balance gives her a chance to develop a relationship with students and support them as they grow. In her free time, she enjoys her family cottage, going on hikes, being in nature, and cleaning (haha)!
One of her favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt says, “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.”

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Olivia Warden

Sensory Motor and Academic Coach

Olivia is a Sensory Motor and Academic Coach at Brain Balance of Oakland County. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Before joining the Brain Balance team, she spent two years working in a special needs classroom and has experience working at a summer camp, as well as before/after school care. She is excited that Brain Balance gives her the opportunity to help motivate students to achieve their goals. When she is not working, Olivia enjoys being outdoors riding her dirt bike, camping, and having bonfires. She also likes spending time with her friends, family, and cat.
One of her favorite quotes by Mark Caine is, “Success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with hands in your pockets.”

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Carol Verville

Community Relations Liaison

Carol Verville is the Community Relations Liaison at Brain Balance of Oakland County. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Cedarville University. She has experience as an RN in both oncology and labor and delivery units. She is also a mother to kids who have experienced a lot of trauma. Her kindness, compassion, empathetic nature allow her to keep a positive outlook on all aspects of life. She is particularly passionate about foster and adoptive kids and families, as she works a lot with these families to provide support, resources, and connection. Carol is most looking forward to helping families find hope and encouragement, as well as seeing students progress. She is also excited to be working alongside the kind staff at Brain Balance. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her five kids, as well as kayaking, hiking, and going to the beach. She also has two cats and a dog.
One of her favorite quotes is “Wonder is the hopeful expectation God is going to do.”

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Chelsie Halliburton

Assistant Director

Chelsie has a graduate degree in Mind, Brain and Education from the University of Texas, Arlington, and earned her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood and Special Education at Boise State University. Prior to joining the Brain Balance team, Chelsie spent 5 years teaching Special Education, 2 years teaching reading and math intervention (K-6th grade), and 2 years teaching general education. She loves working with kids and finds joy in helping them succeed and overcome challenges.

When she is not at Brain Balance, Chelsie enjoys working with her dog, Groot, who is certified with the Go Team Therapy Dogs. She and Groot spread happiness and a sense of serenity while visiting schools, hospitals, nursing homes, memory care facilities, the VA, and attending numerous special events. Chelsie is also active in her church, where she sings and plays the bass guitar in the praise band. In her free time, Chelsie enjoys spending time with friends, family, and being active outdoors.

One of Chelsie’s favorite quotes: “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!” Dolly Parton

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Leah Copeland

Sensory Motor and Academic Coach

Leah is a sensory motor and academic coach at Brain Balance of Oakland County. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and English as well as a minor in Health. Leah brings years of experience teaching middle school, and absolutely loves helping kids feel safe, comfortable, and welcomed in any learning environment. She is passionate about mental health, community, and supporting Brain Balance kids and families. She loves being a part of a kind and caring team that has kids’ best interests at heart. When Leah is not at Brain Balance, she enjoys hiking, traveling, spending time with her husband, family, and friends, and taking care of her cat, Mocha. One of her favorite quotes by T.S. Eliot is “Every moment is a fresh beginning.”


Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.


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