Brain Balance Westchase Reviews & Testimonials


Reviews & Testimonials from Brain Balance Westchase Families

What challenges initially brought you to Brain Balance for your child?

“I came to Brain Balance for a lot of different reasons. One of them was my daughter’s social interactions.

I found it alarming that she could not read nonverbal social cues at all nearing the end of Grade 5. She was completely oblivious to things that were obvious to her peers. Her body awareness was almost nonexistent.

She had trouble staying on topic in conversations and not blurting out random things that did not go along with the current dialogue. She has ADHD and is hyper and easily excited. It was hard for her to reel herself in when someone or something came into her life that’s not there on an everyday basis.

She’s always had trouble with reading and writing as well because she’s Dyslexic so we are constantly working on those things. One of my main concerns was and has always been her processing speed.

Primarily her auditory processing, it’s very apparent that there is an issue there. The last issue is how she is so negative. She has a horrible self‐outlook as a result of struggling so much earlier on, with a very strong ‘I can’t’ attitude.”

How have these challenges improved over the course of the Brain Balance Program?

“Her body awareness has improved remarkably. I notice that she’s able to not be right on top of you or in your face always. Her friends were always overwhelmed by this, but in the past, regardless of how many nonverbal clues they gave her, she never got the message. Now she is able to keep a good distance. I think the funniest moment was probably at summer camp, when she told me a story about another girl who had these behaviors and did what she normally does to people, to her. When I pointed out to her that she does those things, she was alarmed and embarrassed and since then she really tries to make sure she doesn’t, since she was able to admit how uncomfortable it made her, when it happened to her for a change.

She is also a lot calmer now. Easier to have a conversation with, since she’s able to listen more actively and not blurt things out. Friends and family have pointed out how different it is to interact with her since program. Her karate instructors have pointed out how she’s far more focused in class than she was in the past. She doesn’t race through everything she does anymore.

Another amazing thing that happened is for the first time she decided she wanted to play a team sport.

She’s been in basketball, bowling, and hip‐hop for a few years now. When she was younger she played soccer but always volunteered to be the goalie. When she brought up playing basketball I was so excited. She has been to 2 basketball practices/clinics now and she is pretty amazing at it. She loves it. I love that she’s doing something in a team environment. Brain Balance definitely improved her physical fitness abilities.

My daughter is also a huge negative nelly. I think Brain Balance really helped a lot in this area. Her attitude is a lot more positive. For the first time ever this year she said she loves to learn, that was music to my ears. She completed her Black Belt Program in karate that she originally wanted to quit. I just got her first middle school report card and she made straight A’s. I could not be more proud of her accomplishments and how she’s pushed herself this first quarter of Middle School. She even plans to try out for track at the start of 2018. I love watching her push herself out of her comfort zone now.”

How has Brain Balance impacted your child’s life and your family’s life?

“We no longer fight during homework. This is a combination of Brain Balance and her current school offering tutoring every day. She has a positive attitude about going to tutoring when she doesn’t understand something, to avoid fighting her way through it with me. She no longer gets down on herself about the things she doesn’t understand and rather she comes home and tells me she needs to go to tutoring the next morning for a reteach. In the past I do not know if she would have done this.

It’s a lot calmer at home. Everything is not constantly crazy. I love that she has healthier eating habits. She is so much better for it. We have noticed that dairy makes her more aggressive so cutting that out has created a better environment.

She originally did not want to do the Candidates Program at Karate for her Black Belt. Sensei and I both agree that if she wasn’t in Brain Balance at the same time as the program we are not sure if she would have passed. But she did it! She really pushed herself in the program.

She’s slowly learning how to reel herself in. I think her relationships with her peers are slowly improving. She’s able to understand things in more details now. She can grasp the big picture when it comes time to work through it. There are still bad days, but this is true for everyone and we get through them.”

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about enrolling their child in Brain Balance?

“If you can afford it, you should do it, even if it’s just for 3 months. I originally was not going to do anything but 3 months, but we signed up for an additional 1.5 months. My daughter is still not all the way through program (and by that I mean free of all prims and 100% at all levels) and because of this I plan to revisit it in the future. I love what this program has done for her. I honestly wish I was more financially able; I would have just kept her going because I could see the progress she was making in so many different areas. It was incredible. I loved our progress reports and seeing the changes.

My theory on different therapies is this…. We all just want to do the best we can for our children. Some things work, some things don’t. But the important thing is that we try. We try everything we can to help them reach their maximum potential. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“I am grateful for all the people we’ve met along the way. This program teaches you that it’s not that bad. That so many people share your struggles. You’re not alone in this and that my friends, is priceless.”

~Jilyanna Rivera‐Adams

“My son was assessed for a new school today.  He was to start 4th grade.  His reading comprehension level put him at 7th grade.  I am thrilled.  Six months ago in August he was just below 4th grade.  I know that Brain Balance has made the difference in his reading comprehension scores.”

“My son’s teacher has commented on how calm and focused he’s become. He’s had great days at school because of the great staff at Brain Balance!  We are very excited to see how much more he will achieve.  Thanks!”

“We have noticed our son is calmer, and if something does bother him, it is very short lived.  He is transitioning better.  The staff at Brain Balance is great! Our son’s music teacher said he never raised his hand in class until today.  He asked for the drum and played and hummed a classical piece of music that the teacher recognized right away!”

“We drive 2 ½ hours one way and our son is worth every minute and mile spent on the road.  Just 20 sessions and my son’s reading fluency and word reading has markedly improved.  We are so proud of him!  He loves coming to Brain Balance.   His confidence has improved greatly too J.  Thank you to such an awesome team of professionals who understand and care about children with learning challenges.   It’s also a soft place to land as a parent.  Thanks again!”

“We have to let you know how wonderful our son is doing since beginning the Brain Balance Program!  As a 24 year old with mild to moderate autism and other neurological deficits, we were not sure how much we could expect from the program.  After researching Dr. Melillo, reading his book, “Disconnected Kids” and speaking with the Brain Balance Center we felt it was the right program for our son.  And we are very pleased to tell you that only a few weeks into the program we noticed him carrying himself with more confidence and after only 4-5 weeks of sessions, his communication skills aredramatically improved!  He used to struggle to make even the smallest conversation and now he carries on conversations with ease!  It is truly remarkable!  We cannot explain to you the joy to watch our son, who only weeks ago could only answer yes and no questions, now initiate adult conversations and actively participate in them.  It is truly amazing to watch. He is benefiting in other areas as well, and we look forward with anticipation to the rest of the program and fully expect our son to continue to improve. Thank you, Dr. Melillo for your research, and thank you to the Brain Balance Center of Oldsmar, Fl for your dedication to not only our son but all children who struggle with neurological deficits.  Your sincere caring and specific attention to each child’s needs, is truly appreciated.”

“Here are just a few of the wonderful things that Brain Balance has done for Danielle: Most recently Danielle has stopped taking her “brain pill” as she called it.  This was medication to help with focus.  So far no negative effects noted from not taking it!!!!  This is a wonderful thing and makes me soooooooooooooo happy that she is not taking this medication. She is eating better, exercising more, and requires less sleep.  Physically stronger…recently did a ropes course, climbed a rock wall and did zip line. She is calmer and less impulsive.  This has been noticed by others is group settings and social gatherings. (It’s not just MY opinion!)  She is controlling her voice level better. (Not as loud.)  And is SELF regulating her actions more because she now has self-awareness. Conversations now on a more mature and age appropriate level. She is initiating social interaction on a more meaningful level at home, school and church.  She is interacting and bonding with peers and building friendships.  Developing a more appropriate sense of humor. She has begun journaling in the form of art and short stories or comic strips. She is better able to grasp intangible concepts such as religious beliefs. What more could you ask for!!!!!!!!  But I know there is still more to come and many things I have left out.”


Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.


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