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Brain Balance Norwalk Reviews & Testimonials


Reviews & Testimonials from Brain Balance Norwalk Families

My son’s incredible progress both academically and social/emotionally is the direct result of our commitment to the Brain Balance Program both in the office and maintaining the program at home. The Brain Balance “diet” prescribed by Dr. Goldenberg has been the defining therapeutic factor that has accelerated Grant as a candidate for mainstream education next year.

We will be forever grateful to Dr. Goldenberg, a kind and gentle person who is extremely knowledgeable in the function of the brain for giving our son the drug free therapy needed for Samuel’s brain to work with him instead of against him. There are many children who are misdiagnosed and live in isolation because their brains are not functioning correctly. In order for children to succeed, they must rely on us for help. By retraining the brain, Dr. Goldenberg and the Brain Balance Center will help children to soar to their fullest potential as it did for our son.

Thank you once again to Brain Balance of Norwalk. Today, our son Andrew was fully mainstreamed from a self contained classroom for attentional, social and emotional support to an inclusion class. He has made unbelievable progress after going through your program. His teachers and support staff were on board with us and all of you. Together we all changed his life. Though it is not over yet your ideas and tools will continue to support us on our journey……

Dear Dr. Goldenberg, I truly feel blessed that I discovered your center on Google one day.  I was searching for an alternative modality, a last straw if you will, to help re-wire Grant’s brain and Brain Balance popped up on the screen.  I knew right away this program would be successful for Grant in large part driven by my conversations with you.  Your wealth of experience as clinician and parent and your immense dedication to our kids is the key to the success of Brain Balance.  Can’t thank you enough Mark!, Kimberly

Ryan, Age 7 The challenges Ryan faced were unique in the sense that he didn’t “fit” any one typical diagnosis.  He had some sensory integration symptoms, some ADHD tendencies, low self esteem and socializing problems among other things.  We truly felt he had an overall disconnect going on and we were at a loss as to how to help him.  We felt our best and only option was to identify the source of Ryan’s challenges and not just to treat the symptoms. That is where Brain Balance came in. I felt such a relief when the staff understood what our concerns were and could identify ways to help!  The program was exactly what Ryan and our entire family needed.  Ryan has come a long way since beginning the Brain Balance program.  He is happier, calmer, able to cope with frustration, and is just learning and growing in a much healthier way.  We were happy with the staff and all aspects of the program.  They were there to help not just Ryan, but our whole family and we are extremely grateful.


Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.


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