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We Help Kids Who Struggle With Sensory Processing Disorders

Help Children with Sensory Processing Disorder in Lake Forest & Huntington Beach

Help and Hope for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), which is also called Sensory Integration Dysfunction, is a disorder that prohibits the brain from properly integrating multisensory input. Because children with SPD are highly affected by their sensory preferences, Sensory Processing Disorder affects everyday functioning.

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder are generally very particular with their likes and dislikes. These likes and dislikes emerge in two ways: hypersensitivity (over-responsiveness to stimuli) or hyposensitivity (under-responsiveness to stimuli).

  • Hypersensitivity - Children may have extreme or fearful responses to specific textures, sounds, and tastes.
  • Hyposensitivity - Children may seem fearless, inappropriately touching people and/or objects and putting themselves in dangerous situations due to their under-reaction to pain.


The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Lake Forest and Huntington Beach provides a drug-free approach to SPD help. We believe that the best way to address your child’s Sensory Processing Disorder is by addressing the disorder at its core rather than just attacking the symptoms. Our goal at Brain Balance Achievement Center of Lake Forest and Huntington Beach is to help your child with their Sensory Processing Disorder by creating the best program for them.

Enrich Your Child’s Life With Alleviation For Sensory Processing Disorders 

Our drug-free, holistic approach is able to provide assistance for children struggling with sensory processing disorders. We know that each child is different, therefore we use a personalized assessment to design a service option specific to your child’s needs.  Contact our center to learn more about how the services offered through Brain Balance can provide relief for kids with sensory processing disorders.




Get started with a plan for your child today!

How Can the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Lake Forest and Huntington Beach Help Children with Sensory Processing Disorder?

Whenever a child is enrolled in our program, we first give them a personalized assessment. The assessment allows us to see your child’s strengths and weaknesses in different areas of function. These areas include motor, sensory, behavioral, social, emotional, and academic.

Once we understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, we help your child succeed by creating a personalized program for them which combines in-center sessions with at-home activities. Sensory motor training and simulation, academic activity plans, and dietary guidelines are crucial in SPD help, and they will be included in your child’s personalized program.

Call for Brain Balance Achievement Center of Lake Forest and Huntington Beach’s SPD Program

If your child is suffering from Sensory Processing Disorder, our center is ready to help. Call the Brain Balance Center Achievement Center of Lake Forest and Huntington Beach at 949-662-3844 today, and schedule a personalized assessment for your child!

How the Program Works

A Non-Medical, Drug-Free, Whole Child Approach To Get Your Child On Track

The Brain Balance Program is a non-medical and drug-free approach to overcoming the challenges of ADHD, learning disabilities, processing disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, and a host of other related childhood learning and developmental issues. Our integrated approach combines physical and sensory motor exercises with academic skill training and healthy nutrition.

Your Child's Personal Plan

Brain Balance Personalized Assessment

For over a decade, the Brain Balance Program has helped tens of thousands of children with learning and developmental issues through our integrated, whole-child approach. The Brain Balance Personalized Assessment is an objective and quantifiable measurement of each area of function – motor, sensory, behavioral, social, emotional, and academic – allowing us to better understand your child’s unique challenges.

Support Every Step of The Way

Support Every Step of The Way

One thing you will never be at a loss with at Brain Balance is the complete support of our staff. We work with a very diverse set of kids every day. For years we’ve worked with many different challenges and behaviors, without judgment, using our experience to help every child and every parent find success within our program. You will never feel out of place, or out of line when you ask and need help.