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Get a Fresh Look at Your Child’s Development with a Brain Balance Assessment

The Brain Balance Personalized Assessment provides you with a fresh look at your child’s development. Our assessment delivers a complete profile of your child and provides us with invaluable information about your child’s current level of development.

Did you know? Behavioral, social or academic struggles may be the result of development. If there are gaps and holes in development, a child may have a difficult time controlling emotions, socializing or keeping up in school.

How to get started

Our families start with our in-center assessment. It is critical to identify the root cause of challenges in order to create an action plan that will drive positive outcomes. To obtain a full understanding of your child, we listen to parent insight and measure many aspects of physical and cognitive functions. The results of the assessment allow us to develop a personalized plan for your child.

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What makes Brain Balance unique?

The Brain Balance program integrates key elements necessary to drive development and brain connectivity. This includes sensory engagement, core muscle strength and coordination, eye tracking, auditory processing, academic exercises, and nutritional guidance. These program components, when combined, focus on strengthening weaker areas of the brain.  Our personalized in-center sessions, at-home activities and nutrition program work together to bolster this development

Brain Balance Outcomes

Brain Balance success stories, statistics, and supporting research highlights the many positive impacts of the program. For over a decade, we’ve helped over 50,000 individuals improve the critical and behavioral skills needed to create a brighter path for their future. 

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