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School Supply List for Students with Learning Differences and Attention Issues

As children head back to school, it's time to shop for school supplies. While you may not see the following items on the typical school supply list, these back-to-school products are great additions for students who struggle learning differences like dyslexia or attention issues like ADHD.

Time Timer

Brain Balance School Supplies - Time Timer

A visual timer can be used to solve time perception problems at all ages and ability levels. In a teaching or therapy environment, it has proven to be very useful with students with sensory processing disorder or who have difficulty with transitions. This particular product is sensory friendly - the audible signal for time's up is a soft beep and can also be turned off completely when necessary.

Specialty Reading Rulers or Reading Guides

Brain Balance School Supplies - Reading Guides

Reading Guide Strips are designed to aid students who struggle with reading challenges like skipping words, reversing letters, losing place and eye fatigue. These colored reading guides are ideal for students with visual impairment, dyslexia, dysgraphia and other reading disorders. 

Pencil Grip

Brain Balance School Supplies - Pencil Grip

The Pencil Grip is widely used in classrooms, at home, and in therapeutic settings. The Pencil Grip can be used as a training tool, and then permanently for added comfort. Consistent use teaches and reinforces the proper grip, and stops common problems like fist grips, thumb-wrapping, and white-knuckling. Parents, teachers, and occupational therapists widely recommend using The Pencil Grip.

Slanted Writing Board

Brain Balance - School Supplies - Slanted Writing Board

The Visual Edge Slant Board offers a unique 22 degree angled surface that reduces eye strain because the text remains in focus down the entire page. When writing at the 22 degree angle, students incorporate the use of the muscles in their forearms, which increases control, and penmanship

Handwriting Spacer

Brain Balance School Supplies - Handwriting Spacer

Handwriting spacers help children to keep spacing between letters and words to improve handwriting. This Handwriting Bundle Pack includes 3 different types of word spacers and a write and wipe board with drawing and writing lines.

Weighted Lap Pads

Brain Balance School Supplies - Weighted Lap Pad

Wipe Clean! Weighted Lap Pads are perfect for children who have the "wiggles," as their soothing weight provides a reminder to stay in place. The calming benefits make them an ideal choice for children with sensory processing disorder or ADHD. Lap pads can be used during circle time, test taking, classwork, homework or even dinner time! Kids love the heavy feel of weighted lap pads across their bodies. 

White Board Calendar

Brain Balance School Supplies - Whiteboard Calendar

Perfect for note taking, leaving messages at home, displaying pictures or interactivity in a classroom setting, a white board calendar is a great visual tool for students with organizational challenges related to learning disorders or ADHD. It will help them stick to schedule and plan for homework due dates and testing schedules. 


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