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How to Help Your Child with ADHD Complete Tasks


If you have a child who has trouble remaining focused and paying attention, you may discover they have a hard time finishing tasks. This can include things like homework, at-home chores and more. The fact is, this is a common challenge for children who suffer from ADD or ADHD. If you are parenting a child with focus challenges, you may feel the frustration of what others see as “irresponsible” behavior or “laziness.”

Even though the rest of the world may not understand the struggle, you do. You know that your child has to put in twice the amount of energy to focus and complete a task. As a concerned parent, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your child has an easier time completing tasks.

Break Tasks Up into Manageable Amounts of Time

There are some tasks that can seem overwhelming to your child because it may seem like too much work to do at once. For example, just telling your child to “clean their room” may be daunting because they don’t know the precise expectations. However, if you break this chore up into smaller tasks, they will be able to handle it and remain focused. This is the same for school work and other tasks. Have them tackle smaller tasks, rather than larger ones.

Offer Rewards and Incentives

If you try to wait until your child has completely finished a task you have given them, you may wait too long to provide positive reinforcement. Instead, try to reward both their effort and the outcome at certain intervals during the process. For example, “I love how you finished all your math problems. Now you just need to finish your reading and you’ll be all done.”

Keep your Child Engaged

When trying to finish tasks, such as homework, it may be easy for your child to become distracted. Make sure they stay engaged by asking questions about what they are doing and paying attention to the progress they have made. If you stay engaged, there is a better chance they will, as well.

Let them be in Control

Let your child have some control over the task that has been given to them. For example, if they need to read a book, allow the child to pick the book or where you are going to read it – i.e. outside, in their room, in your room, etc. You can use the same strategy for other tasks. When your child believes they are in control, they will be more likely to complete the job they were given.

The tips and suggestions given will be beneficial to both you and your child. Take the time to begin implementing them to help them stay on task. If you feel like your child needs extra help or professional guidance, consider The Brain Balance Program. We offer a drug-free, integrated approach that brings parents and kids together to achieve a common goal of improving a child’s processing and learning ability, leading to a more successful academic and personal life. Contact us to learn more!

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