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Foods that Make You Feel Good: Part 1

Tips to Help Kids Understand the Importance of Clean Eating

-Holly Larson, RD

Parenting is a challenge; there are many duties! One ongoing task is teaching our children to be good eaters. No child is born liking all foods nor are children programmed to enjoy only chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. Children learn to love the foods with which they have the most positive experiences.

How to help them understand the importance of clean eating? This is an ongoing lesson that we will tackle in three blog posts.

Our kids can understand complex topics if you explain simply. “Our muscles need protein to grow big and strong. Do you think that chicken or cookies have more protein for our muscles?” Empower them to make nourishing choices from a young age.

Our children learn by example; your children will mimic the habits they see at home and at school. Parents who follow healthy eating habits are more likely to have children with the same habits.

Talking about the foods you’re eating, what you like about it and how it makes your body feel good to eat healthy foods are conversations that will have a lasting impact on your children’s choices. “I love the sweet flavor of roasted carrots and know that they’re helping my eyes to see like an owl at night!”

Tonight, what positive statement will you say about healthy foods?

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