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Fun and Practical Family Summer Vacation Tips for Success

Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Vice President of Programs and Outcomes for the Brain Balance Program, was recently interviewed on the news channel "Channel 3 Eyewitness News” Connecticut, by the WFSB hosts. 

Whether your family travels by car or plane, traveling to and from a vacation destination can be taxing and stressful for the whole family. Watch as Dr. Jackson provides tips on easing these ‘bumps in the road’ so that your time together as a family is relaxing, fun, and memorable. 

Now is the Time to Get Ahead

The Brain Balance Program is designed to help kids, teens and young adults build the focus, behavior, and social-emotional skills to thrive. The program is a non-medical, non-drug option individualized to your child's needs. 

Brain Balance has helped more than 50,000 individuals reach their true potential. We understand what you are going through, and we can help you restore balance for your child and your family.

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Research Shows Brain Balance is Effective

In our most recent study by Cambridge Brain Sciences, the results showed that children who completed three months of the Brain Balance Program displayed significant improvements in the following areas.

  • Cognition improvement (particularly in areas of memory)
  • Reasoning improvement
  • Verbal ability improvement
  • Concentration improvement

A Harvard study found that kids who participated in the Brain Balance Program saw the following.

  • A significant reduction in ADHD index scores
  • Discernible changes in hyperactivity
  • Enhanced cognitive attention
  • Reductions in oppositional behavior

Read more current and ongoing research behind the Brain Balance Program. 

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