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Early Confidence: A Building Block for a Lifetime of Success

For children with learning disorders or behavioral issues, developing self-esteem can be both intimidating and difficult. Establishing a sound sense of self and confidence is important for kids with these issues to move beyond their struggles. Adults in their lives, including parents, family members and teachers, can be an important support network to help them find and foster the confidence that will be a building block they rely upon for the rest of their lives. These tips can help boost student confidence and foster healthy development of self esteem.

Tips to Boost Student Confidence

Although challenging, developing a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence in a child with a learning disorder or behavioral issue is hardly impossible. In fact, using a few simple, straightforward tips could pay off in numerous ways.

No One Is Perfect

First and foremost, make it clear that it’s perfectly acceptable, even preferred, to embrace your personal shortcomings. No one is perfect and anyone who claims to be is lying to themselves and others. Be vocal about this acceptance so the child is made aware of your declaration and, more importantly, that you are accepting of it and embrace them.

Role Models

Another useful tip is to find role models for the child who might share the same challenges. Whether it’s an athlete, actor, politician or even a family friend, letting children know their struggles are shared with others can help them feel less lonely and even become proud of their differences. While continuing to balance being realistic and hopeful, make sure the child understands that successful people share her specific challenge and have thrived despite the hurdles.

Find Their Strengths and Emphasize Them

Finding a child’s natural curiosities and strengths, and then fostering and encouraging those traits can also be a wonderful tool to instill confidence. No matter how small or subtle, every child shows an inclination for something, be it technology, sports, art or crafts. Once recognized, concentrating on those curiosities and strengths can create a confidence within them that starts with something specific but spreads to other parts of their life.

Finding help for a student who struggles with a learning disorder or behavioral issue can often be challenging. By following a few simple tips, keeping an open mind, and maintaining the patience already effectively used, filling a child with confidence can lead to a hopeful, productive and fulfilling life.

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