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How to Survive Cabin Fever with a Hyperactive Child

When Mother Nature drops an inch or five of snow outside and the wind chill bites your face each time you open the door, staying indoors can become as much about safety as it is comfort. One day of watching movies and cuddling with hot chocolate is novel, but anyone can become a bit stir crazy and hyperactive as the days wear on. Children with ADHD or who are prone to hyperactivity are apt to have a particularly tough time remaining inside with little room to run and play. How can you keep your kids content when you're trapped inside? Here are some cabin fever busters for all ages.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be geared toward any age and learning ability, making them a versatile activity on a cold winter day. Give your kids a list of things to find (or pictures of items to track down if they're not yet reading). To provide a real challenge, turn each clue into a riddle. For instance, "Find something that has a stiff spine and always tells tall tales" to direct kids toward a hardcover book. Make sure a treat is waiting at the end!

Set Up a Bowling Alley

Have a hallway or empty basement at home? Then you have a bowling alley in the making. Set up water bottles and use a ball of yarn or Nerf ball to knock them down. Play for fun, or keep score -- indoor bowling can occupy hours of time on a snowy day! If you want to add more difficulty, use full water bottles or fill empty bottles with marbles to weigh them down and make it harder to knock them over.

Build an Indoor City

Blankets, sheets and old towels are the perfect tools to create a unique indoor world on a cold day. Make a large tent or fort and then use the cozy space to do yoga or play board games. Building the structure requires planning and physical activity to execute the design, and enjoying the space can fill an afternoon.
Feeling the winter blues? Keep your family busy with these fun indoor activities. Other ideas include putting on a talent show, turning the garage into a make-believe space, and using fitness DVDs to pass the time and burn energy. Before you know it, the sun will come out and you can integrate outdoor fun into the schedule.
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