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Alternatives to Valentine's Day Sweets

- Holly Larson, RD

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the typical fare is full of sugar, artificial dyes and processed food. Not only can these treats pile on the sugar, the additives may negatively influence your child’s behavior.

It is possible to share your love with friends and family without compromising on nutrition? Can we have fun on Valentine’s day and be healthy?


School will be full of candy. Some parents keep their child home to avoid the day. Others send their kiddos with non-candy treats and valentines. Here are a few ideas!

Alternatives to Candy with Cute Card Attached

  • Bubbles (You blow me away)
  • New pencils (You’re the write friend for me)
  • Whoopie cushions (Whoopie! It’s Valentine’s Day)
  • Crazy straws (Crazy about you)
  • Seed packets (I dig your friendship)
  • Animal figurine (Will zoo be my Valentine?)
  • Crayons (Color your heart out)
  • Glow bracelet (You make my heart glow)
  • Stickers (I’m stuck on you)

If your child comes home with a bag of candy, consider donating the candy to troops overseas or to a local food bank. Or, swap the candy for a prize, money or an activity that your child will ready love.

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